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TheEmergency website US political news website "Politico" reported on the 2nd that President Biden will work hard this year. Although foreign policy usually does not affect the results of the US election, in the past few weeks of this year, Biden faces three major diplomatic headaches, including includingThe continuous Russia -Ukraine War, the Harbin conflict in the Middle East and the Taiwan election, and if there are any mistakes, it may cause the United States to be questioned in the world's characters, thereby impacting Biden's reelection opportunities.

Speaking of the presidential election of Taiwan, "Politico" said that this may determine whether Bayeng faces another major regional crisis at the beginning of the year.The report pointed out that if the DPP's current vice president Lai Qingde was won, the DPP will be in power for 4 years, and Beijing may have to shoot.Although Beijing is unlikely to invade Taiwan, it may make Taiwan's life sad, such as disturbing commercial shipping, engaging in military activities that violate Taiwan's sea and air sovereignty, and a key supply line that cuts off the Taiwan economy.And any of the above measures will force Washington to consider how to respond.

"POLITICO" also stated on the 1st on the 1st that the general election of Washington in the Asian ally Taiwan was the first major election in 2024.According to the analysis, Lai Qingde chose the former representative of Taiwan in the United States, Xiao Meiqin as his partner to send a message to Washington, that is, Xiao Meiqin was assisted by the side. Lai will continue Cai Yingwen's cautious policy on Beijing and will also care about the United States.