Writing people's livelihood happiness answers in high -quality development
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Dai Zhiguo

The change of a country has the galloping of the river, and the growth of one leaf.

People's livelihood is the foundation of the people's happiness and social harmony.Looking back at the upcoming past 2023, the people -centered development idea runs through every moment when China strides.This year, 429 cities completed the preparation of the "one old and one small" overall solution to achieve full coverage of the city level; the railway business mileage reached 155,000 kilometers, of which 42,000 kilometers of high -speed railway business mileageNetwork; from the depths of Dashan to the seaside fishing village, more characteristic agricultural and sideline products use new formats such as e -commerce live formats to move to the whole country, helping to reduce the difference between urban and rural areas ... One by one, record the warmth of the times;At first heart.This year's people's livelihood answers warm people's hearts, and high -quality developed into a clear color.

The development of the times is different, and the feelings of each ordinary person are the most direct and profound.Migrant workers who have achieved better employment after skills training are difficult to hide their pride; families who have obtained high -proportion of medical insurance reimbursement and rescue families are relieved; the elderly who solve the problem of dinner in the community cafeteria show a satisfactory smile;Thousands of miles ... This scene is intertwined with warmth and joy, reflecting people's most true people's livelihood.The days are running, life is strong, the sun is sprinkled on the vast land of Shenzhou, so that countless people have the opportunity to realize their dreams and make countless people a beautiful and happy life.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "the people's happiness is the ultimate purpose of promoting high -quality development" "Modernization not only depends on the indicator data on the paper, but also the happiness and health of the people."The avenue lives like the people.From January to November this year, 11.8 million new employment in cities and towns across the country, 98%of the annual target tasks; in the first three quarters, the per capita disposable income of residents across the country actually increased by 5.9%year -on -year, higher than the growth rate of GDP 0.7One percentage ... The people's life continues to improve, and the overall situation of the society has remained stable. In 2023, it has forced a hard work and wrote a happy answer sheet of people's livelihood in high -quality development.Everyone's life, with the process of the times gradually fully fulfilled, has continued to improve with the development of the country, and brings together the real sense of gain, happiness, and security of the people.