39 athletes in Jiangxi Province will get the 14th National Winter Games
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  TheNews information website 14th National Winter Games (hereinafter referred to as "Fourteen Winter") will open in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from February 17th to 27th. It is expected that more than 3,700 athletes will participate. Our province will send 39 athletes to participate. Among them,The city's athlete Zhang Yi will fight the skiing project.

  "Fourteen Winter" has 8 major items, 16 sub -items, and 176 small items in skating, skiing, winter, curling, ice hockey, snow car, sled, and skiing.The most complete project.Our province will send 39 athletes to participate in two major items of skating and skiing.On January 29th, Wang Liwei, who participated in the high mountain skiing, will fire the Jiangxi Legion.Nanchang athletes Zhang Yi and seven other players will also show up in the ski -skiing competition starting on January 31.In addition, speed skating (youth group) (22 people), free skiing air skills (3), free -style ski U -shaped venue skills (1 person), free -style ski jumping platform and slope obstacle skills (1 person),Freedom ski obstacles chase (2 people) and off -road skiing (1 person) will be seen on the field of Jiangxi athletes.