2024 Birmingham New Energy Electric Vehicle and Battery Energy Storage Show The Battery Cells
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2024 Birmingham New Energy Electric Vehicle and Battery Energy Storage Exhibition

Thenews express website Battery Cells & Systems Expo 2024

Exhibition time:May 15th to 16th, 2024 (once a year)

organizer:Event Partners LTD (NEC)

Exhibition location:Birmingham International Exhibition Center in Britain

Group exhibition unit:Beijing Huansheng World Trade International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Chinese Agent)

Exhibition introduction:

The British New Energy Electric Vehicle and Battery Energy Storage Show has been successfully held for 11 sessions, which is the largest and most professional energy storage and solar exhibition in the UK.For a long time, the exhibition has been the biggest party of British solar energy and energy storage manufacturers, developers and installer -encourage cooperation between the two industries to firmly establish the status of these two technologies in the future energy system.The British solar, energy storage, and electric vehicle industries are continuously developing. Solar & Storage Live is definitely an excellent platform for sharing ideas face -to -face and business.

Highlights of the exhibition:

In the last exhibition, more than 4,000 professional audiences and more than 300 professional exhibitors participated together.There are exhibitors and exhibitors from the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, China, and China.

The participating Chinese companies include BYD, wheat fields, Jingke, Jing'ao, Longji, Shangde, Sanjing, Guwatt, Gudewei, Shouhang, Airo and so on.(*Overflow of companies above companies)

The 2023 exhibition will be expanded to two exhibition halls, which are doubled from the previous session.More than 80%of exhibitors have signed up and will continue to participate.

Energy storage is the top priority of the British government, and it is also a key part of the government's promoting the net zero carbon economy.Britain's goal is to complete its contribution to climate change by 2050.By 2050, in the "power system transformation" scenario, Britain needs to deploy a 32GW/115GWH energy storage system. The "consumer transformation" scene needs to deploy a 40GW/165GWH energy storage system.Since the beginning of this year, Britain has continued to rise. The average monthly price of the British market has reached 287.65 pounds/MWh time, which is 4.2 times the average price of the first half of the year, further accelerating Britain's demand for new energy energy storage.

In recent years, the British government government has vigorously supported the photovoltaic power generation industry. According to statistics from the British solar industry institution Solar Energy UK, as of the end of 2021, the cumulative installed capacity of the British photovoltaic aircraft reached 14.6GW and the new installation capacity was 730MW.China has developed into the world's largest photovoltaic component production and export market.According to statistics from the European Statistical Bureau, more than 90%of roof photovoltaic products in the UK are sources China. It can be seen that China has become an important photovoltaic import market in Britain and the entire European region.According to predictions, by 2023, the British roof photovoltaic market will also grow with an annual growth rate of 30%, and the application demand of Chinese roof photovoltaic products in the UK will also further expand.

Range of exhibition:

Battery exhibition range:Battery assembly equipment, battery charging equipment and technology, battery production equipment, raw materials, multi -function and recyclable power supply, portable electronic products, technology research and development, testing equipment and service lithium batteries, fuel batteries, hydrogen energy storage batteries, solar cells, etc.;Battery management system, power capacitor, flywheel, energy management system; driver/engine technology; charger and charging station equipment; pneumatic equipment, storage and transportation equipment and technology

EVT exhibition range:Accessories, raw material suppliers, engineering services, testing equipment and products, cables, production equipment, design, charging stations, power management equipment and technology pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, electric two -wheeled vehicles, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus, electric bus,, Alcohol fuel vehicle and other agency fuel vehicles; low -emissions, energy -saving cars, and clean fuel engines

Company Profile:

Beijing Huansheng World Trade International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. is an agency service agency specializing in overseas exhibitions and conferences.Since its establishment, the company has held or participated in more than a hundred exhibitions in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. The company has cultivated and gathered a number of young practitioners who are committed to the convention and exhibition industry, dedicated, efficient, vigorous, and accumulated some practical experience.The company has maintained close communication and good cooperative relationships with the competent authorities of the central and local governments, the organizers of the domestic exhibition, and various exhibition organizations.Personalized and professional service goals have established long -term stable strategic partnership with a large number of enterprises, and this target group is rapidly expanding.

Our advantage:

1. Assist the exhibitors to apply for fund subsidies for national SME funds: 2024 Birmingham New Energy Electric Vehicle and Battery Energy Storage Exhibition as a key support project for "SMEs to develop international market funds", and apply for an exhibitor with "SME Qualifications".Subsidies for booth fees to encourage enterprises to export and reduce the burden on the exhibition. After the exhibition, each stall can get a subsidy of 50-70%of the booth fee.

2. Provide value -added services:

A,Solve the issue of intellectual property rights.To solve the problems related to intellectual property rights, introduce relevant British laws, keep in touch with the intellectual property office of British lawyers and organizing committees to ensure that Chinese enterprises' rights and interests are avoided and similar situations such as intellectual property issues are seized.

B.Professional consultation and training.Our company provides professional consulting and training services, formulates the goals and specific plans for the enterprise before, in the exhibition and the exhibition, introduces and appoints customers to help enterprises improve the return rate of participation, so that Chinese companies can learn more about the British market in the UK market moreBasic circumstances mastering skills in Britain.

C.British visa counseling.In order to go to the UK visa personnel, we provide professional British visa counseling and visa materials.

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