Major General Mao Xinyu serves as Deputy Minister of Military Sciences. What are his usual jobs?
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Major General Mao Xinyu is the only grandson of Chairman Mao Zedong. He serves as the Deputy Minister of the Military Sciences of the Chinese People's Liberation Army as the Deputy Minister of War theory and Strategic Research Department.What are his usual jobs?

Mao Xinyu was interviewed.He said subject research was their primary task.

First of all, the topic should be selected, these topics correspond to modern war.

They want to study the latest war in the world, advanced weapons of various countries, tactics, the operation of information coordination mechanism, etc., as well as studying classic warfare in history, studying the military strength of various countries, and so on.These studies and discussions are the daily work of the Academy of Military Sciences.

Secondly, in -depth summary of the experience of war and the theory of victory, reference for the decision -making of the Military Commission, and making teaching materials for military training.

The focus of Mao Xinyu's research direction is the use of Chairman Mao Zedong's military thought in the modern war.He has achieved many results in this regard.

In addition, Mao Xinyu also has a lecture and training.Every year, he goes to universities and troops to teach, and sometimes he is invited to train the tourists from the red attractions from employees for party history and historical knowledge.

Mao Xinyu has previously served as a member of the CPPCC National Committee, and now he is still a member of the Beijing CPPCC.Investigating, writing proposals, and participating in politics, these are his work responsibilities.

He has a lot of work and busy, but he is always energetic and happy to be interviewed.

He said: Parents have educated me from a young age that I cannot get rid of the masses. Moreover, as a soldier, as a descendant of Chairman Mao Zedong, I feel that they have obliged to spread red culture and have the responsibility to contribute their greater power to the country's construction.