6 Winter Winter Winter Line invites you to play snow
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Newspaper (YMG All -Media reporter Zhang Jie Correspondent Travel)) Yesterday morning,热议资讯 the launching ceremony of the 2024 "Winter Tour Ice and Snow" and the "Yantai Ice Skin Sports Season" event was held at the Tasan Ski Resort.The activity allows more citizens and tourists to experience the fun of ice and snow sports, and feel the charm of Wonderland Yantai winter.

"Winter Traveling Frozen and Snow Teacter to Yantai" activity coordinates the cultural tourism characteristic resources such as skiing, health, hot springs, wine, and folk customs. It has planned 3 major themes and 6 winter tour lines., Continue to call the "Winter Touring Yantai" brand.At the event site, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau carried out the special promotion of the Winter Touring Yantai Line and the "Yantai Waiting for You to Play Snow" online marketing activities.

At the launching ceremony, the staff of the Municipal Sports Bureau introduced winter sports.It is understood that, with the arrival of the Spring Festival, Yantai will successively carry out a series of colorful national fitness activities such as Yantai Primary and Middle School Students Ice Hockey School, the 7th Ice and Snow Games in Yantai City, and the New Year Ice and Snow Carnival, so that the healthy atmosphere of the Spring Festival of Yantai will be allowedMore enough.The charm of cultural tourism, the vitality of sports, and the potential of consumption in Zhizhen District, the integration of cultural tourism and sports also provides new formats and new scenarios for consumption.