After inserting a foot in the South China Sea of the Taiwan Strait, the United Kingdom did something again, and on the grounds of "national security", it was on the grounds of "national security".
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In the context of the United States and Britain began to go downhill,Express information website London is basically based on international affairs, mainly following Washington.This is particularly obvious in terms of policies for China.According to, on December 17, Britain once again waved a "safe" stick to Chinese companies.People familiar with the matter disclosed that, out of the consideration of "network security", the British State Grid Corporation, which manages most of the State Grid, has decided to abandon a Chinese supplier and remove the components provided by the company from its facilities.At present, the British side has not directly announced the name of this Chinese enterprise.

Observation found that the Britain is the most "hardcore" among the bunch of Western allies in the United States, which has three reasons.First, the earliest who came to North America was actually the British. After they expanded and differentiated, they had later the United States. Second, the United States and the United Kingdom were close relatives and had blood relationships.The British nuclear deterrent, in fact, mainly depends on the United States, it has to rely on the United States to provide a submerged nuclear warhead.

After three points, the United Kingdom and the United States are equivalent to deep bundling together, "砣 砣 有 有 有".What I have to say is that this is the third time Britain has blatantly targeting China in the near future.

On December 13, China said to the outside world that the Philippines successively broke into the waters of Renai Reef and Huangyan Island, which seriously affected Chinese management and exercise sovereignty. In order to safeguard national sovereignty and security, China will decisively take resolute and appropriate response measures.

Later, the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement, accusing China of "destroying the calmness and harmony of the region" in the South China Sea and exacerbating the tension.They called for the Rulings of the Convention on the United Nations Marine Law and the 2016 South China Sea Arbitration Case.But everyone knows that Britain is pressured China.

On December 14, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense stated that there was no so -called "international waters" at all in the Taiwan Strait.As the "Gonghai, which is generally recognized by the world, the British warships have the right to pass."

Earlier, the United States has always called the Taiwan Strait as the "Gonghai". In recent years, it has basically passed the Taiwan Strait once a month, either a warship or a military aircraft.Britain's response is obviously following the United States.

When it comes to Britain, the most representative of China Enterprises is to strip Huawei's equipment in 4G and 5G construction.Huawei has developed in the UK for more than 25 years, and its European headquarters is also located in the UK. When Britain developed 3G and 4G, infrastructure was basically used by Huawei products.

However, the Trump administration issued a related order to the outside world, sanctioning Huawei and believed that its products were "influencing national security". After British Prime Minister Johnson swayed for nearly two months, it was not right to express.

The reason for this is not that the United Kingdom and Huawei have too deep feelings and are reluctant to peel off. Instead, Huawei is preparing to invest 1 billion pounds near Cambridge University, build a world -class chip research and development plant, and Britain is reluctant to invest.

Moreover, the establishment of a world -class factory in the UK is good for Britain and Johnson's political achievements. Of course, he hesitated.However, after the United States has repeatedly put pressure on, the Johnson government has made a decision. In the British 5G construction, Huawei equipment is not used. Previously, in 4G facilities, Huawei products were gradually peeled.

After this "representative incident" appeared, Britain began to follow the United States in terms of policy against China.For example, the "human rights" in China, the "Queen Elizabeth" aircraft carrier's strike group to the South China Sea, responding to the Taiwan Strait in two warships in Japan, and forming a military alliance with the United States and Australia.There is a British shadow.

However, after the Brexit of the United Kingdom, the European Union had "immortal" and failed to sign a free trade agreement with the United States. If it loses the Chinese market again, can Britain be better?Originally, Britain had become "Little Britain". If you die again, maybe this ship is going to sink?