China Setting Stock: The company's main business is to provide the entire process of engineering design consulting and engineering general contracting business. At present, there is no cooperative bro
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According to the financial industry on December 26,时事热点 some investors asked the shareholding on the interactive platform: What is your company's current main business?As a Chinese -character state -owned asset, what are the current state -owned enterprises' reforms involved?Does your company currently involve artificial intelligence services?Is your company currently cooperated with large technology companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi?Please inform, thank you

The company answered: The company provides full -process engineering design consulting and engineering general contracting business around the four major business areas of transportation, municipalities, construction, and environment.Provide the overall solution and technical support of the "comprehensive, complete, full life cycle" for the construction of livable cities and comprehensive transportation system construction, involving high -level highways, extra large bridges, specialties tunnels, port channels, urban roads, bridge tunnels,, bridge tunnels, bridge tunnels, bridge tunnels, and bridge tunnels.Public transportation, rail transit, water supply and drainage, ecological environmental protection, construction engineering, environmental engineering, landscape gardens, smart transportation, smart cities, geotechnical engineering and other fields.As of now, the company has not cooperated with the relevant technology companies mentioned by you.