"IT Times" "Digital Shanghai Top Ten Scene Selection" network review opening
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On December 21,Current affairs hot websites the "IT Times" "Top Ten Shanghai Scenario Selection" Online review was officially opened. On the 25th, the online review was over, entering the expert review session, and finally selected the "Top Ten Scenes of Shanghai" in 2023, as uniqueShanghai characteristic digital, intelligent, and green application solutions spread.

In the early stage, "IT Times" selected TOP 20 scenes after preliminary review, and then passed the "IT Times" WeChat public account, video number, surging number, and Douyin and other all -media matrices to enter the display link.

In the TOP 20 scene, there are "panoramic scans" for the city, and the Putuo Ichi network management engine of the urban governance map is woven into a urban governance map with digital urban governance maps.You Ting; both plays a role in urban security and emergency inspections, realize the "real unmanned" Star Log Automation Drone, and also use the full -process digital system to send each freshest milk to the light on the table of Shanghai citizens' tables.Modern milk factory; both use a large model to listen to the 12345 smart customer service system from all corners of Shanghai, and there are also Fengwu Da models that can predict the direction of catastrophic weather such as typhoons ... "Digital" dance, "wisdom" shining digitalizationDuring the development feast, each scene was witnessed the construction and growth of Shanghai's "international digital capital".

"IT Times" has always been a witness and recorder of the development of Shanghai's "International Digital Capital". In order to find the most influential digital application scenarios in Shanghai, the selection of the "Shanghai Plan" provides experience and reference for global digital cities.In this "Top Ten Scene Selection of Digital Shanghai", "IT Times" is based on the spirit of "cities -oriented" "people -oriented" selection, discovering a model of innovative applications in the development of digital cities, evaluating digital applications to promote the digital transformation of urban digitalizationThe contributions and the real perception changes brought by the lives of the citizens, dig out the best innovation applications of those "number Shanghai" to light up.Smart city application scenarios.

Pujiang flows, Shanghai butterfly changes, the wave of innovation is surging and flowing forward.Shanghai has entered the high -speed transformation of urban digital transformation, and the image of the "international digital capital" is highlighting the world."IT Times" will always maintain the same frequency as digital cities with the changes and evolution of digital cities.

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