A passionate ice and snow covenant
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& emsp; & emsp; Xuezhisheng,特快资讯 flying sky, winter in the northern Xinjiang land is pure and long.In this ice and snow season, Hulunbuir and the grand meeting of the "Fourteen Winter" focused on the nation's attention. People from all over the world will lit the ice and snow passion.

& emsp; & emsp; This is the largest and most complete project sports event in previous national winter games. It is also the first time that Inner Mongolia has hosted a national comprehensive sports meeting.Countless individuals and teams, as the athletes of the fighting field launched a challenge sprint to the finish line -the infrastructure of the event is optimized from "building" to "upgrade"; peripheral guarantees such as urban operations and other internal guarantees are precisely advanced;As you have risen, the whole people welcomes the "Fourteen Winter" boom and comes ... The goal of "driving 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow sports" illuminates a better future. With ice and snow as a matchmaker, Hulunbuir initiated invitations to people to go to the winter transportation event.time!

& emsp; & emsp;City snow carving is noticeable.Photo by Meng He Chaolu

& emsp; & emsp;Dynamic

& emsp; & emsp; in the Hailar district in winter, the outdoor temperature is as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius, but it is still impossible to stop the enthusiasm of the members of the Hulunbuir Winter Swimming Association.Flipping, freestrokes, free swimming, swimming, and turning on the air fans, winter swimming enthusiasts show the passion and fun brought by the winter swimming in the lane.

& emsp; & emsp; "Winter swimming, the colder you want to be, the better!" A 60 -year -old Dongyong enthusiast Aihua said with a smile.After swimming back and forth, Aihua felt refreshing.The members of the Hulunbuir Winter Swimming Association come to the Winter Swimming Base on the Imin River every day to travel.Aihua said: "Winter swimming must start from summer and gradually adapt, and it is a process that is gradually persistent.‘ Fourteen Winter ’Let more people know winter swimming, and we also hope that more people will join the winter movement!”

& emsp; & emsp; Because of the "Fourteenth Winter", "Ice and Snow" and "Sports" became hot search words in Hulunbuir City. Gymnasis, parks, primary and secondary schools, etc. are full of passion of ice and snow.From mid -December 2023 to the end of February 2024, Hulunbuir City made full use of the free zones such as the central urban park, square, school, river surface, etc. to create a number of popular snow and snow venues.Carry out a series of national fitness activities such as hiking, national basketball challenge, Sino -Russian youth cultural sports ice and snow research, to create a winter sports atmosphere of "Everyday Experience, Weekly Competition, All the People Participation, and Living for nearly 100 days", to be for theAll people's fitness adds a variety of elements of ice and snow sports.

& emsp; & emsp; start a shot, more than 500 hiking teams composed of volunteers, college students and local citizens are neatly departed.The urban area and the Yimin River appreciate the ice and watch in the movement.

& emsp; & emsp; On the ice surface of the Amuguro Wetland Park, New Balhu Zuoqi Banner, a group of "shooters" dressed in ice -dressed ice surface gone aiming at the target and pushed Shaga along the ice.The ice -faced shooting competition is stopped, and the characteristic folk ice and snow project is very popular.

& emsp; & emsp; ice and snow passion also ignite the campus.In the series of theme ice and snow festival series of "Help the Fourteen Winter Green Grassland Silver Winter Dream" theme ice and snow festival series in the Hailar District Railway Second Primary School in Hulunbuir City, students enjoy a happy ice and snow fun experience such as curling, ice hockey;The Municipal Experimental Primary School helped the "Fourteenth Winter" football game not only allowed students to spend the "addiction" of winter sports, but also let the sports spirit take root in everyone's hearts;It was released by China, and the students gained happiness in the Class Snow Competition.

& emsp; & emsp; there are endless dynamics and passion in the ice and snow world.In the name of the event, Hulunbuir continued to consolidate the achievement of "driving 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow sports", so that ice and snow dance in a wider population and bloom in a wider world.

& emsp; & emsp;Dream

& emsp; & emsp; "Our school has more than 30 athletes at the school or transported, and has received the entry of the 14th National Winter Games!"Excited.

The predecessor of the Inner Mongolia Ice and Snow Sports School was the predecessor of the Inner Mongolia Snow Sports School.At present, the school has a total of 17 majors including winter and summer projects. Short -track speed skating and speed skating in winter projects are key projects for enrollment for autonomous regions and even nationwide.

& emsp; & emsp; "In my hometown to participate in the competition, the atmosphere must be different, I am looking forward to it!" I can enjoy the home battle at home for the first time, and the "post -00s" teenager Song Guixu is very excited.In the 2023-2024 season of the China Cup Short -speed Skating Elite League and the "Fourteenth Winter Qualifications", the Inner Mongolia Ice and Snow Sports School was selected to be sent to the Inner Mongolia short track speed skating team in the youth group and public group competition.With good performance, Song Guixu is one of them.

& emsp; & emsp;Inner Mongolia Women's Icemuration Team is training.Photo by Meng He Chaolu

& emsp; & emsp; Hulunbuir has a deep tradition of ice and snow sports, and is the main base of Inner Mongolia to develop ice and snow sports.Since the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Speed Scholarship in Hulunbuir more than 60 years ago, Hulunbuir City has not only hosted a number of international and domestic ice and snow competitions, but also cultivated and transported a large number of outstanding ice and snow sports talents for the country.The successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics has ushered in the development of domestic ice and snow sports to usher in new opportunities. The "two -way winter" and Hulunbuir's "two -way go" has driven the popularity and improvement of Inner Mongolia ice and snow sports.Stage.

& emsp; & emsp; at Hulunbuir College, there is the only undergraduate major in Inner Mongolia -ice and snow sports major.The Winter Olympics referee and the national champion as a teacher here, ice skiing is a daily life that students can't be familiar with.

& emsp; & emsp; Hu Lunbuir College (Ice and Snow Sports College) secretary of the Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Party Branch said: "Ice and Snow Sports is a new major in the 2021 Institute of Physical Education.Land master the basic theories and professional knowledge of ice and snow sports technology teaching, training, sports protection, competition organization, scientific management and other aspects. They are specialized talents in the future of ice and snow sports teaching, training, competition, and management. "

& emsp; & emsp;Inner Mongolia ice and snow sports school off -road ski team.Photo by Meng He Chaolu

& emsp; & emsp; from the growth of high -level athletes, to the cultivation of special talents of ice and snow, to the continuous development of youth ice and snow sports, the holding of "Fourteen Winter" has brought Hulunbuir ice and snow sports opportunities.Xue Yang, director of the Training Department of Hulunbuir Sports Bureau, said: "Every year, the Hulunbuir Education Bureau and Sports Bureau will jointly invest 10 million yuan to cultivate young people to participate in ice and snow sports.Primary and secondary school teachers who provide ice and snow sports training are 1,000 yuan per month. "

& emsp; & emsp; passion to welcome the event, embrace the dream of ice and snow, the seeds of ice and snow dream are buried in more and more people's hearts. These seeds contain the future of Inner Mongolia ice and snow sports.

& emsp; & emsp;Charm

& emsp; & emsp; Hulunbuir City is located in the northern Xinjiang of the motherland. It has early snowfall, long snow period, large snow volume, and good snow quality. It has unique ice and snow resources."China Cold Polar" Genhe, "China Ice and Snow Capital", is the beautiful business card of the ice country and snow village in Hulunbuir.

& emsp; & emsp; In the national ski tourist resort, toothy, the rock stone Phoenix Mountain ski resort, snow carving is lined and crowded.New formats such as Luyuan, Grass Carving, and Snow Xunmei attract tourists to stop and experience.

& emsp; & emsp; accompanied by the second ice and snow cultural sports tourist season of Hulunbuir City and the 19th Getk Stone Phoenix Mountain Kaixue Season.The climax.

& emsp; & emsp;Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 20th Ice and Snow Nadammu.Photo by Wang Xiaobo

& emsp; & emsp; At the end of August 2019, the 13th meeting of the Fourth People's Congress of Hulunbuir City was reviewed and approved to set up the lunar snowy solar term as "Hulunbuir Snow Day".At this point, Hulunbuir became the first prefecture -level city in China to set up the ice and snow day in China.Taking the competition as the media and the activities as a traction, Hulunbuir City is trying to display the unique and charm of the ice and snow culture here to tourists across the country, so that the rich ice and snow resources can be fully excavated and used.

& emsp; & emsp;Passionate ice and snow.Photo by Wang Xiaobo

& emsp; & emsp; this winter, thick snow is covered with a huge white velvet blanket on the Barcore grassland.On December 17, 2023, the 20th Ice and Snow in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region opened its shouts in the Chenbalhu Banner and Nornor Prairie.A series of activities including non -heritage, foodbooks, self -driving crossing, and live broadcasts have attracted the attention of tourists.

& emsp; & emsp; combined with the 20th ice and snow Nadammu in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hulunbuir City Union Xing'an League, Heilongjiang adjacent area to create the theme routes such as the "Xing'an Top · Snow Snow Road" on the ridge of self -driving;Extreme Snowfield · Colorful Folk Customs "Hulunbuir's non -heritage experience journey," historical memory · salary fire "Hulunbuir red education tour and other theme lines; strengthen international cooperation and launch Sino -Russian" ice and snow silk road · challenge bipolar "cross -border extreme coldExperience journey and "Mongolian Plateau · Landscape Landscape" China -Mongolia cross -border folklore experience journey 2 cross -border tourism routes, and boutique ice and snow tourism routes such as the colorful festivals of "all the way to the north, and the road to the north, and the colorful festivals, to meet the different needs of tourists.

& emsp; & emsp; pull the integrated development of the ice and snow association industry to promote the "heat" of the ice and snow economy. From December 16th to 18th, 2023, the first Hulunbuir Hailar ice and snow products opened as scheduled as scheduled;On December 15th, the Ao Lugu Masana Tribe Scenic Area, which officially opened the park, is a must -have place for punching in cards. On December 21, 2023, the 6th Hulunbuir Hallar Winter Hero Association China Snow Motorcycle Cross -Following Grand Prix, Chinese car short track pullingThe championship is launched at the Hailar Wolf Wolf White Deer Ice Sports Base. The white extreme sports feast is passionate ... The colorful activity is the vivid practice of Hulunbuir to do living ice and snow articles.

& emsp; & emsp; The ancient ancestors of Hulunbuir have been accompanied by the sun and the moon since their birth.Today, the puzzled bond of the people of ice and snow and the people of Hulunbuir has been continuously written under the joint participation of all sectors of society.Experience the ice and snow sports, perceive the ice and snow culture, and go to the ice and snow event.This winter, Hulunbuir is waiting for you to make an appointment!

& emsp; & emsp;@城市 城市 城市

& emsp; & emsp;Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Ice Movement Training Center

& emsp; & emsp;Photo by Meng He Chaolu

& emsp; & emsp; as the main hall of "Fourteen Winter", the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Ice Sports Training Center has four main buildings: speed skating hall, short track speed skating hall, ice hockey curling hall, athlete apartment (also media center).The total area of the venue group covers an area of 183,000 square meters, which can accommodate nearly 10,000 audiences to watch the game at the same time. It is one of the best indoor ice sports competition training venues with the best software and hardware conditions in China.A large -scale comprehensive venue integrating functions such as competition, training, and performing arts.

& emsp; & emsp;Jinlong Mountain Ski Resort

& emsp; & emsp;Han Leng Photo

& emsp; & emsp; Jinlongshan Ski Resort is located in Zhalantun, Hulunbuir City. It will undertake 7 events such as "Fourteen Winter" free skiing skills, free -style ski U -shaped venue skills, and ski climbing.Zalantun City took the opportunity to host the "Fourteen Winter" to upgrade the software and hardware facilities of Jinlongshan Ski Resort.You can receive 400 people's accommodation and dining at the same time, which has also become an excellent choice for tourists to enjoy ice and snow.

& emsp; & emsp;Yake Stone Phoenix Mountain Ski Resort

& emsp; & emsp;Photo by Li Xinjun