In one week, the two major world top events have held "tide" Yongbao'an Bay to show the "international model"
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  On the evening of December 17, the 2023 World Sailing Fighting Tour of the Shenzhen · Baoan Finals and the World Bay Area Sailing Race came to an end.

  During the competition, the beautiful scenery of Baoan Central District, which is "long and long, migratory birds and long sails fly", frequently swipe screens on the Internet, showing the world's different Bay Area scenery.

  At this time, the 43rd World Amateur Go Championship and the 3rd "Bay Area Cup" Chinese Go Big Chess Finals were held in Baoan.

  Go enthusiasts from all over the world "tie" here, and the chess game confronts the game, helping Go culture to go to sea.

  Every international competition is a rare opportunity to publicize urban brands.The two world -renowned events held in succession not only pushed Baoan, the host of the event, to the major media headlines, but also showed the world as Shenzhen, the core city of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, and exuded a strong international model.

  "Holding Hand" Bay Area City Circle

  Why is it a sailing boat?

  The sea is sailing, and the background is the city.Just as the San Francisco Bay Area is not only the location of Silicon Valley, the beautiful seaside scenery and diverse sailing sports also make tourists from all over the world yearn for.From the sailing, people can overlook the famous attractions such as San Francisco's urban skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge and Seal Island.

  At present, many countries in the world are trying to promote the development of sports tourism by carried out sailing competitions, improve their international influence, and use it as the main purpose of the sailing race.The same is true to the Shenzhen Baoan Finals at the falling point to the World Sailing Tour.

  According to the data, the World Sailing Fighting Tour is the longest -lasting sailing professional series in the world. It is also the only competition in the World Championship level in seven special events recognized by the World Sailing Federation.

  Among them, in the 2023 season, a total of 15 stops for World Sailing Fighting Tour.The first 14 branch stations ranked among the top, 12 ships from 9 countriesThe fleet can be qualified for the Baoan Finals.This means that Shenzhen Baoan has become an important stop in the world sailing competition, attracting the attention of global sailing enthusiasts, and the urban development level has been greatly improved.

  During the competition, the ecological beauty of "migratory birds and long sails", Baoan Central District, Penguin Island and other landmark buildings continued to swipe on the global network through the lenses of contestants, media, and audiences.Swedish fleet EXTEND Commerce Sailing Team Captain Bionen Hansen bluntly stated that in Sweden, many people look forward to watching the finals.In addition to watching the battle of the fleet, the audience will also be interested in big cities in the event.

  It is particularly worth mentioning that the first "World Bay Area Sailing Race" was held in Baoan.This is the world's concept of the concept of the Bay Area. The organizer invited 40 fleets of 40 fleets from the San Francisco Bay Area, Tokyo Bay Area, New York Bay Area, and Sydney Bay Area.Contest.

  With the competition as the media and "holding hands" with the World Bay Area, it is another depth of the competition.

  Persevered in black and white "dialogue" world

  The camera switch to the 43rd World Amateur Go Championships held by Baoan.In the field, people with different skin tone and different languages sit in front of the chess game. Between the one -way, it is the duel of intelligence and the collision of culture.

  According to reports, the World Amateur Go Championship was founded in 1979. It is an important event that popularizes the promotion of Go in the world.This event was the first time to fully restore offline holdings since 2019, and it has also implemented this world contest again after 6 years.From December 14th to 19th, amateur Go master from more than 50 countries and regions around the world competed in Baoan.

  Go culture has a long history in China, and its love for Go is engraved in the bones of the Chinese.But I saw so many foreign players on the field to start a "hand -talk" in Chinese and foreign, which can make people feel the charm of Go.

  Chang Hao, chairman of the Chinese Go Association, praised that the top of the top of the two major Go is held in a city at the same time, and it is the first time in China.One represents the highest level of occupation, one represents the highest level of amateur. For the first time, it is held and held at the same time. Together, it brings a high -level, strong competition, and wonderful Go feast to global Go enthusiasts.Behind the feast is an innovative attempt of "out of the circle" and "going out of the sea".When the scenery of the Bay Area and the veins of the ages complement each other, it spreads the story of Shenzhen, the story of Guangdong, and the Chinese story to the world.

  Shenzhen Wonderful Baoan expression

  A large -scale event and event of a global scale are the precious opportunities of a city's economic development, historical culture, customs and customs, and possible future.

  Shenzhen is wonderful, Baoan expressed.In December, various international and domestic events in Shenzhen were held one after another, and many of them were held in Baoan for the first time.As the core urban area of Shenzhen, Baoan became a different "home" to the world to show the world.

  On December 8th, the Shenzhen Global China Merchants Conference with the theme of "Opening a new pattern and sharing new opportunities -investing in Shenzhen Win -win Future", the first move in BaoanExhibition Center.The conference promoted the opportunities and policies to invest in Shenzhen, promoted Shenzhen to the world, and issued the strongest voice of Shenzhen investment promotion.

  Baoan standing under the global spotlight has also attracted a lot of international investment.Baoan District negotiated a total of 39 contracts, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan, and was awarded the China Merchants Overwhelming Zone.

  In mid -December, the two major world competitions in the world were held in Baoan within a week.Through the window of the event, the improvement of Shenzhen's infrastructure and public services, as well as the charm of modernization and traditional culture.Right now, these top competitions are becoming a new business card in Shenzhen in Shenzhen, helping Shenzhen to build a global marine central city and Go famous cities.