Connect Shanhai to open up the economic "arterial" traffic power construction, the construction of the accelerated broadcast article
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CCTV News: ThePopular event sites reporter learned from the National Railway Group that Guangzhou Baiyun Station was put into operation today (December 26).Guangzhou Baiyun Station is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. The original site was Tangxi Station, which was founded in 1916. It was 20 kilometers from Baiyun Airport in the north, 5 kilometers from Guangzhou Station in the south, adjacent to Baiyun Mountain and Pearl River, with a total construction area of about 450,000 square meters.The outside of the room is a blooming Guangzhou city flower -kapok.

The station building is divided into 7 floors, including 3 floors above ground and 4 floors underground.The three floors above the ground are elevated commercial layers, elevated car layers, and platform layers. The underground floor is the social parking lot layer, the 2nd floor of the underground is out of the station and the comprehensive transportation interchange layer, and the rest are the urban rail transit layer.It is a comprehensive three -dimensional transportation hub that is convenient and fast and efficient.

Convenient transfer to Guangzhou Baiyun Station to create a three -dimensional transportation hub

Around the Guangzhou Baiyun Station Station, a variety of transportation and urban supporting facilities surrounded the stations, forming a comprehensive three -dimensional transportation hub with convenient, fast and efficient transfer. Next, we follow the reporters to experience the feeling of waiting and ride.

Overlooking from the air, Guangzhou Baiyun Station Station and the surrounding urban supporting facilities show the layout of "Fang -Yuan -Fang".

There are four municipal roads around Guangzhou Baiyun Station, which connects two highways.In the four corners of the station building, the four major stations of visitor centers, long -distance passenger stations, tourist bus, and bus.After getting off from these supporting field stations, passengers can enter the station to wait within 1 minute through the connection platform to achieve flat layers and seamless transfers.

There are such stations in four directions in the southeast and northwest of Guangzhou Baiyun Station. Here you can enter the waiting area through brushing and valid documents.

Chengzhiyi High -speed Railway is opened today and operations

The reporter learned from the National Railway Group that Chengdu was opened to traffic today.After the operation, the Chengzhiyi high -speed rail and Chenggui high -speed rail Chengdu to Leshan to Yibin section formed the high -speed railway to further promote the integration and development of the Sichuan city agglomeration and the Chengdu Metropolis.

Chengzhi's high -speed rail has a total length of 261 kilometers, and the lines are connected to Chengdu. Ziyang, Neijiang, Zigong and Yibin have five cities, which are operated at 350 kilometers per hour.In the early days of operation, the railway department drove up to 16 rows daily.

There are 12 stations such as Chengdu East, Tianfu Airport, Zizhong and Western, and Yibin East.With the opening of the high -speed rail line, eight new stations will be put into place simultaneously.Tianfu Airport Station is the world's first high -speed rail station with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.Compared to traveling by subway, its opening time to the east of Chengdu to Tianfu Airport has been shortened from 74 minutes to 25 minutes.At the same time, the construction of "Air Railway Integration" of Tianfu Airport Station allows passengers to seamlessly transfer in the station. Out of high -speed rail stations can directly reach Terminal 1 and Terminal 1 of Tianfu Airport.

The Ziyi high -speed rail crosses the mountains such as Longquan Mountain, and 231 bridges and 29 tunnels are built along the way.After the line is opened, the fastest and 73 points can be achieved at the fastest of Chengdu to Zigong and Yibin Station.

It takes about five years to make the tunnel of the high -speed railway bridge ending up

The Ziyi High Speed Rail is the first high -speed railway to open a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.Construction started in January 2019 and was fully completed in December this year.For about 5 years, the builders have set up more than 200 bridges and nearly 30 tunnels, and the bridge tunnel ratio exceeds 70%.

From the starting point of Chengdu East Station, less than 500 meters, the train will enter into the first tunnel of the high -speed rail -Jinxiu Tunnel. This is the only tunnel in the main city.Difficulty control engineering.Because the tunnel crosses 7 railways and 2 subways, the traditional construction process is likely to destroy these lines.

There are 29 tunnels in the Yiyi high -speed rail. In addition to the splendid tunnel located in the main urban area, there are also multiple tunnels crossing the mountains.The longest tunnel is the Baiyunshan Tunnel located in Neijiang, and it is also one of the most difficult tunnels under construction in China.The Baiyunshan Tunnel is 13.3 kilometers in length, and has crossed complex areas such as coal seams and old kiln -empty -colored areas.

In addition to the tunnel, the self -applied high -speed rail also spans 231 large bridges. Among them, the "world -class" bridge -Yibin Lingang Yangtze Railway Bridge is 1742 meters in length and 522 meters.Crossing the river.After the bridge is completed, high -speed rail, cars, non -motorized vehicles and pedestrians will pass on the same layer.In order to ensure the smooth operation of the high -speed rail per hour at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, each nut and each seam reached the accuracy of the millimeter level during the operation of the steel box beam.

Shanshan high -speed rail Shantou south to Shanwei to open operations today

The reporter learned from the National Railway Group that Shantou to Shanwei high -speed rail Shantou south to Shanwei will open operations today, and a new passenger channel is added in eastern Guangdong.The fastest 36 minutes, 113 minutes, and 109 minutes between Shantou south to Shanwei, Guangzhou East, and Shenzhen North Station can be reached as soon as possible.

Longlong high -speed rail Longyan to Wuping section is opened today and operations

In addition, the reporter learned from the National Railway Group that Longyan to Longchuan high -speed rail Longyan to Wuping section will also be opened today.Longyan to Longchuan high -speed Railway Longyan to Wuping section, with a total length of 92 kilometers. Among them, the new line is 64 kilometers and the design speed is 250 kilometers per hour.