A snowy period earns 30,000, Northeast migratory bird coaches come to the south to teach "small potatoes" skiing
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   Without skiing without winter,一线资讯 with the popularity of ice exercise, skiing is no longer exclusive to northerners, and southerners also enjoy winter sports, such as skiing.I do n’t know if everyone has found that many of the coaches in the ski resort are now the coaches from the Northeast. They are called "migratory birds" by netizens. Every year, they "fly" to the south to be coaches.Fly back.Why do they choose to come to the south to coach?What kind of experience do you have to teach here?Chao news reporter decided to go to the ski resort to find the answer.

  On the grassland ski resort on the clouds in Anji, the reporter saw a lot of ski enthusiasts skiing and felt the fun brought by the ice and snow project.Song Pengshuai, born in 1998, is a student of the Harbin Institute of Physical Education and a ski coach of the ski resort.

  "For the first time this year, I came to the south as a coach, and there were four or five classmates who came with me." Coach Song said that he studied tennis, and also learned swimming, short track speed skating, ice hockey and skiing.There are many sports projects. Like many students in sports, Song Pengshuai will be a swimming coach during the summer vacation. When you are a ski coach for winter vacation, you usually work part -time some tennis or physical training programs.

  "The temperature in the south is relatively high, and the water content is much softer, so the snow will be softer, and the temperature in the north is lower than -10 ° C. The snow will be a little faint and the ground is smoother.""The southerners are very enthusiastic about skiing, and their new sense of snow is particularly strong. People who come from 4 to 40 are from those who come to ski." Skiing is a very challenging project. At first, it may be in contact with contact.It is a relatively slow slope. With the improvement of technology, you will want to challenge higher and steeper slopes.

  Song Pengshuai told reporters."A day of teach 6 or 7 students. In a snowy period, the more mature coach's income can be above 30,000, but this is hard -working money." Each coach needs to be teaching while demonstrating, sitting on a magic carpet to the top of the slope,Sliding down and reciprocating."You have to have a skill here to coach, you can take pictures, haha." Coach Song said that ski lovers in the south like to take pictures, and the coach also needs to practice the skills of taking pictures to take videos.

  "The first time I came to Zhejiang as a ski coach, this is a particularly amazing thing. Not only can it be recognized by the students in the teaching process, but also can establish friendship with students and feel the joy of skiing together."

  The 63 -year -old Chupengqun also came from the northeast. He was the coach consultant of the grassland ski resort on the clouds. He told reporters that there are currently about 200 in the coaching team, of which about 1/3 of the coaches from the north, mainly because of the main reason, mainlyTeam of college students, undergraduates or students who are undergraduate in sports education.