Inject positive energy into world peaceful development
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   The Chinese nation has a long and profound pursuit of peace, and Chinese culture has rich and heavy peaceful thoughts. The Chinese people have always adhered to their good and sincere peace of peace.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at a symposium on the development of cultural inheritance that the peace of Chinese civilization has fundamentally determined that China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a maintenanceer of international order.Communication and mutual learning does not engage in cultural hegemony, determining that China will not impose its own value concept with the political system, and determines that China insists on cooperation and does not engage in confrontation.This is a profound interpretation of Chinese civilization and world peace from the perspective of historical development and inheritance of civilization, which reflects the cultural consciousness of the Chinese Communists' inheritance of peaceful cultural genes since the new era.The mission of development has contributed China's wisdom and made Chinese voices for the long -term peaceful development of human beings.

   The Chinese culture accumulates the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation, and the Chinese nation's bones have always flowing with peace and harmonious cultural genes.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "Chinese culture advocates harmony, and the culture of China's 'harmony' has a long history, and it contains the unity of the universe, the international concept of Confucius Wanbang, and the different social views, the human heart and the good morality.""He" culture has become one of the traits of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and peace is one of the outstanding characteristics of Chinese civilization.Through the observation and thinking of the nature of nature, the analysis and summary of the human society, condensed proposal "the unity of heaven and man", "harmonious", "still", "still,", "all things", "To cultivate the philosophical thinking, thinking, thinking, and civilized concepts, the Chinese people have always aware that these ideological ideas are like air and sunlight. Only by realizing "harmony" can we achieve "all things and do not harm each other."The concept of "harmony" has been deeply integrated into the cultural genes of the Chinese nation.It is the source of water that promotes the peaceful development of the world and builds a better future.

   China has always adhered to the path of peaceful development. This is not only from the inheritance of peaceful cultural genes, but also from the cultural self -confidence and practical requirements of realizing Chinese -style modernization.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "from ancient times to the present, the reason why the Chinese nation has the status and influence in the world is not to rely on poor soldiers, not to expand to the outside world, but to rely on the strong appeal and attractiveness of Chinese culture."The Chinese civilization has gone through the historical changes of more than 5,000 years, but it has always been in line with each other, accumulating the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation, representing the unique spiritual logo of the Chinese nation, and providing rich nourishment for the endlessness of the Chinese nation and development and growth.Cultural self -confidence is the most basic, deepest, and lasting force in a country and a nation's development.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The primary task of firm cultural self -confidence is based on the great historical practice and contemporary practice of the Chinese nation, summarize Chinese experience with Chinese principles, and improve Chinese experience into Chinese theory.Foreign theory to realize spiritual independence. "To strengthen cultural self -confidence, we must adhere to the excellent genes of Chinese culture and adhere to the prominent peace of Chinese civilization. This fundamentally determines that China always adheres to the path of peaceful development. It has always been world peace.Builders, contributors to global development, and maintenanceer of international order.

   The modernization of the road of peaceful development reflects the organic unity of cultural self -confidence and practical consciousness.At the beginning of the founding of New China, an independent and independent and peaceful foreign policy was implemented. It established and adhered to the five principles of peaceful coexistence to handle the relationship between the country and the country, and clearly established the development of the development of the development of the development with the third world.We firmly maintain world peace and development, and better promote world peace and development with their own development.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Chinese -style modernization does not follow the old road of colonial plundering, does not follow the crooked road of strong nation, and takes the right way of peaceful development." This kind of consciousness and self -confidence originated from the profound origin of Chinese civilization.It comes from the accurate recognition of the realization of China's development goals, and it is deepened by a deep grasp of the general trend of world development.We have a sober understanding of the goals of development: China is the world's largest developing country, and development has always been China's first priority.Conflying the construction, it requires a harmonious and stable domestic environment and peaceful and peaceful international environment.We have accurate grasp of the world's development trend: peace, development, cooperation, and win -win situation are the trend of the world today. Only the path of peaceful development is Kangzhuang Avenue, which is in line with the historical trend and conforms to the world's general trend.Therefore, our party always starts from China's national conditions and the world's general trend, independently explores and forms the correct path that meets the actual situation of China.Essence

   The pursuit of peace and realizing development is the eternal theme of human society, and the fundamental interests of the peoples of all countries.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that peace, harmony, and harmony are the concepts of inheritance of Chinese civilization for more than 5,000 years. They advocate that they have constructed a world of self -integration with moral order and focus on others in their own relationships.Promote traffic success, oppose isolation of closed plugs; advocate symbiosis and advance, oppose strong people from themselves; advocate Paper Pacific, oppose the laws of jungle.Chinese civilization has a broad world of perspective, advocates "gentleman and different", and adheres to the beauty of beauty, beauty and co -communist.The Communist Party of China is a party that seek happiness for the Chinese people and the revival of the Chinese nation.Since the new era, we have comprehensively promoted the diplomacy of great powers with Chinese characteristics, promoted the establishment of a community of human destiny, firmly safeguarded international fairness and justice, advocated the practice of true multilateralism, and clearly opposed all hegemonicism and power politics.Protectiveism and bullying acts, actively build a global partnership network, promote the construction of new international relations, show the responsibility of responsible power, and actively participate in the reform and construction of the global governance system, showing the responsibility of building a beautiful future of human beings.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Let the peaceful salary of peace be passed down from generation to generation, keeping the motivation for development, and the shining of civilization is the expectation of the people of all countries, and it is also the responsibility of our generation of politicians."The 20th National Congress report system explains the modern Chinese characteristics of Chinese -style modernization, pointing out that "Chinese -style modernization is the modernization of peaceful development", and lists "promoting the establishment of a community of human destiny and creating a new form of human civilization" as the essential requirements of Chinese -style modernization.EssenceThese important judgments, rooting history and reality, focusing on future development, strongly back to the "civilization conflict theory" and "national strength must be hegemonic", which profoundly reveals the peaceful genetic genetic genetically -style peaceful genes, expanded the modernization of developing countries to modernization.Path Selection.

   At present, the overall change of the overall change of the overall change of the overall change of the overall change of the overall change of the overall change, the stimulation, and the influence of each other in the world's centuries of the world is in a new turbulent change period, and the various uncertain instability factors have increased significantly.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Today, peace and development have become the theme of the times, but the world is still very unhappy.And do not harm each other, and the Tao is not contrary.Only in the avenue of the world, harmonious, win -win cooperation, and prosperity can it last for a long time, and security is guaranteed.Adhering to the path of peaceful development is China's firm strategic choice and solemn commitment in the new era.Establish the right of the world, walk the avenue of the world.In the new era and new journey, we must inherit the peaceful characteristics of Chinese civilization, respect the diversity of world civilization, promote equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and tolerance of civilization, to transcend the barrier of civilization with civilization exchanges, and to surpass civilized conflicts with civilizations.Civilization coexistence beyond civilization and superiority, promote the harmonious coexistence of different civilizations, achieve mutual achievements, promote the people of all peoples in and out of each other, know each other, and create a better future for mankind.