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On December 21,火速资讯 The BOAO forum for Asia (BFA) Launched the Asia Digital Economy Report in Beijing. The asia Digital Economy Report is a Collaborative EffFFFFFFFORT BETWEEN T He boao forum for asia Academy and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT).During the Launch Conference, Secretary Generation Li Baodong Launches This Report, and Ms. Wang Zhiqin, Vice President of China of Information and Communications T ECHNOLOGY, INTRODUCED The Specific Content of it.The Report Calculates The Size of the Digital Economy and Its Percentage inThe GDP of Selected Countries for Statistics of the Compction Analysis, Lays Out A Comprehensive Account of Policy Measures by Examining Digital ECONOM Y Policies in Asian Countries, and Provides a Panoramic View of the Digital Economy in Asia.

Li Baodong Expressed, The Digital Economy is the Powerhouse for the Growth of the Asian Economy. The scale of the digital economy of nine Asian Countries, Including China, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, India, SAUDI ARABIA, SINGAPORExceeDed USD 100 Billion. Valued at USD 7.47 TRILLION in 2022, China Is Far Ahead in the Scale of Digital Economy. China is one of the countries in the world withmo St Friendly Environment, The Strongest Momentum, And the Most Extensive Application for the Development ofmentdigital economy.

Many Asian Regional Coopration Frameworks Attach Great Importance to the Development of the Digital Economy. For Example, The "Digital Silk Road" Has BRUUGHT Opportu Nities for National Economic Development and Industrial Digital Transition for the Bri Participating Countries.

According to the report, asia has become a crucial component of the global innovation ecosystem. Emerging as new forces in the global technology class, A Great Number O f asian cities are becoming importing destinations for the transfer of Global High-End Production Factors and Innovation Factors, Which Has Profound Impact on the Global Innovation LandScape.

Asian Countries have notable features and Advantages in the Development of Digital Economy. E-Commerce is an important grewth are avaa's division. Asian Countries Lead the World In Electronic Payment Applications, Industrial Robot Market, And Block-Chain Development. However, The The Thes, The The Thes, The Thes, The Thes, The Thes, The Thes.Development of Digital Economy in Asia Still Faces Many Difliculties and Challenges. In PARTICULAR, The Digital Divide Between Asian Remains Stark. T He Report Suggests that Asian Countries Should Work Together to Share the Development DivicEnds of the Digital Economy and Promote Deeper. vernanceRules for the digital economy.

Li Baodong Stated that the boao forum forum has always considered the digital economy as a coretic of discussion and research, and Will Continue to pay attentation to and promote the development of digital economy in asia in the future.

Diplomats from the Embassies of Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Slovenia, Turkey, Vietnam and the EU Mission in China, as well as Chinese and foreign media attention The Press Conference.

Original title: "BOAO Forum for Asia Launches Asia Digital Economy Report"