How long does it take to catch up with the chip industry in my country?
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In 2003,Exclusive information website the first LCD TV I bought, 32 -inch Skyworth, spent 10,000 yuan.

Last year I bought a 65 -inch glory, 3,000 yuan.

In 2008, I bought the first car, Toyota Vios, 110,000.

Last month, I bought the third car, BYD E2, which was also 110,000.

Who can think of our liquid crystal panels more than ten years ago?I thought that Japanese and South Korea could not surpass it.

For more than ten years, I wouldn't think that I would buy domestic electric vehicles, especially I would not think that I would change from BMW X1 to BYD electric vehicle.

If 10 years or after 20 years, I can still see the text I wrote. I would think that I was too stupid in 2021. I would think that our chip would not be able to do the United States?

The development of these decades has made me a 70 -year -old guy to see one thing. As long as it is what the Communist Party wants to do it, it will not be impossible.

So many people liked it and were scared.

Some people support, some people do not agree, they can understand, and they have no energy to explain so much. After all, they are older and there are many jobs to be busy.

I do marketing. I do n’t understand the technology. The chip is even more layman, but I always think that the market is the most important.

What is the market, the market is human.

Especially in recent years, after the 18th, people's thoughts have changed a lot. They are no longer blindly Chong Yangmei, and they are confident. They can also support domestic products.What else can't be done?

In the past few days, the heavy rain in Henan has caused serious losses and many people have lost their lives, but what I see is that everyone has become more all kinds of city.

The big heads of the donated companies are our own national enterprises, especially Hongxingrke, which is so difficult.He also donated 50 million yuan without any response.

Yesterday, Hongxing Erk's live broadcast room exploded, and the enthusiasm of netizens scared the anchors.

Is there such a country that is not good?