Do you know the "shape coefficient" and "shape factor" of the building?In 2023 Shanghai Spring Examination Mathematics Examination Episodes involved these concept broadcast articles
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Yesterday,重大新闻 in 2023, the mathematics subjects of the unified cultural examination of the spring enrollment of Shanghai in Shanghai in 2023 ended the mathematics subjects successfully.Experts agreed that the test paper focuses on implementing the "double new" concept, adhering to the characteristics of Shanghai, and the examination of the core literacy and rational thinking of candidates' mathematics disciplines, and pay attention to the value of discipline education.

1. Keep the curriculum standard, the question type structure is stable

The stable structure of the test paper has continued the types and quantities of the previous years, the choice questions, the answer questions, etc., which is conducive to the stable performance of candidates in the familiar test paper structure.The test paper is based on the "double new". The difficulty gradient setting is reasonable and can effectively examine the academic level of candidates.

Test papers surroundPrepare knowledge, functions, geometry and algebra, probability and statisticsThe theme, taking into account candidates' learning process, has been examined more comprehensivelyCollection, unscrupulous, functions, triangles, guides, quota, number, plural, vector, three -dimensional geometry, graphic analysis geometry, dual -e -terms theorem, probability, statistics, statistics, statisticsThe main content, the score distribution of each theme is roughly comparable to the class hours of the content of the new textbook.The test paper fate is closely linked to the new curriculum standard, such as the three -dimensional geometric answering questions, not only the calculations such as line angles, line distances, etc., but also the push theory of line parallel issues, strengthen the examination of students 'logical reasoning ability, and take into account candidates' actual situation.The difficulty of the test questions should be appropriately controlled.

2. Focus on core literacy and pay attention to rational thinking

The test paper focuses on the core literacy of the discipline, adheres to the characteristics of Shanghai proposition, and pays attention to the examination of rational thinking.For example,Space vector filling in blanks, Present in the form of a vector accumulation, examine the intuitive imagination of the candidates in the situation of dynamic changes, and the understanding of vector projection, so as to choose the corresponding method to solve the problem;Number selection questionsCandidates are required to explore the options that meet the rules through meticulous logic reasoning on the basis of thorough understanding of the first N it and formulas of the equivalent ratio and equivalent.Analysis of geometric answers, Determine the operation direction from the linkage changes of the hyperbolic curve and the ellipse, select the operation method, and then solve the problem;And function answer questionsIt is derived from a exercise in the textbook. By introducing the concept of "control function", first determine whether the specific given function is the control function, and then prove that the linear function corresponding to the line cut in some positions is the control function. In the end, it is explored to find out that it is inquired about it.Regarding the deeper conclusions of the control function of the curve, set up questions and progress layer, examine the understanding of the candidates' understanding of the concept of mathematics, the proof of reasoning of mathematical conclusions, and the ability to choose and use mathematical methods to create the ability to solve problems in the new situation.Essence

3. Settle the situation of the problem and achieve value leadership

There are multiple questions in the full volume to select the realistic situation as the background of the preparation,Guide candidates to careEssenceFor example, with the student theoretical preaching group goes to the community to preach the party's 20th spirit as the situation as the situation to check the probability knowledge, guide candidates to pay attention to the national development and stimulate the sense of responsibility of future builders; statistical choice questions present the goods in Shanghai 2017-2021Statistical maps of import and export, examine the ability of candidates to interpret statistical data, extract information from it, and guide candidates to pay attention to social and economic development; the theme of the application of energy saving and environmental protection, introduce the concepts of "body shape coefficients" and "shape factor" of buildings, in order to use the theme of energy saving and environmental protectionThe volume and surface area are knowledge carriers. To examine candidates' mathematical modeling consciousness and ability to read understanding. With the reading of the topic, students seem to be a mathematical modeling process, which is intended to let candidates know why they know it.Title to actively discover problems, establish models, and solve problems.

In the spring of 2023, the test papers of the mathematics subjects accurately grasped the relationship between the core literacy and knowledge skills of the subject, reflecting the principles of basic, comprehensive, applied, and innovative propositions, and played a positive role in future mathematical teaching reform.

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