Israeli air strike in Lebanon's capital, the vice chairman of the Haras Political Bureau died
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(Observer News) Comprehensive media reports such as the National News Agency, Peninsula TV, Reuters, and other media reports that on the evening of January 2nd, Israel attacked the Palestinian Islamic Islamic Islamic Islamic Resistance (Hamas) office located in the southern suburbs of Lebanese.Seven people including the Vice Chairman of the Politburo of Mas died.Lebanon and Hamas strongly condemned the attack, and Israel did not comment directly on the attack.

Apartment building in the southern suburbs of Berut, the capital of Lebanon, was air strike /IC Photo

According to reports, on the evening of the 2nd, Israel launched an air strike on a apartment building in the Musharafiya District of Berut. The region was densely populated and was used as a political and security base by the Lebanon Allah as a political and security base.Lebanon security officials and on -site witnesses said that a drone fired a missile to a specific floor of the apartment building.

The leader of Hamas Politburo, Esmel Hania, confirmed in a television speech that seven members of the organization were killed during the attack, including Saleh, vice chairman of Hamas Politburo,Arouri), and two commanders of Hamas's armed factions, Samir Findi, and Azzam Al-AQraa.

Hania expressed her condolences on the victims of the attack on the southern suburbs of Berut, condemning the attack to violate Lebanon's sovereignty, and said that Israel "attempted to destroy our people's unremitting will, which would not succeed."

He added that just as other members of Hamas were assassinated before, "Aruri's attack will not affect the progress and upgrade of Hamas's operations."

Lebanon Prime Minister Mikati condemned the attack that day and called on the international community to "stop Israel's aggression."He said that this was "new crime committed by Israel", and its purpose was to allow Lebanon to enter a new stage of confrontation and "dragged Lebanon into his war."

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon, at the request of Lebanon Prime Minister Mikati, it has been submitted to the UN Security Council to submit a formal complaint on the attack.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Nasser Canni said that Aruri was killed once again that the "straw" foundation of the Jewish recovery was based on assassination and crime.He claims that this is the sign of Israel's "defeat" in the conflict of Gaza.

The Israeli side does not comment on the attack.The Israeli Prime Minister's office has not yet published a comment. Israeli spokesman Higheri also refused to answer related questions at the press conference on the evening of the 2nd. It only stated that "Israel will continue to crack down on Hamas and prepare for any situation."But two senior US officials confirmed that Israel was responsible for the attack.

Hamas Politburo Vice Politburo Salih Aruri /Reuters

It is reported that Aruri is one of the founders of Hamas Military Department and a key person in which Hamas and the Revolutionary Guards of the Lord and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.Israel regarded Arri as a "brain" of Hamas and accused him of planning a attack on Israel on the west bank of the Jordan River.

Aruri ’s death has caused shock in the Middle East, and it may further exacerbate the tension in the region.Israel has been seeking more than 100 hostages detained in the raid on October 7th, and this explosion attack has a direct impact on rescue hostage negotiations.

Hamas sources said Hamas had informed the mediation party such as Qatar and Egypt to freeze "any negotiations" with Israel.The Palestinian political factions also issued a statement saying that national condolences and comprehensive strikes will be held, and they will take action on the "various fronts".Egyptian officials have confirmed that Hamas puts over the related talks held in Cairo indefinitely.

The Associated Press reported that this was the first time Israel launched an attack on the Lebanon capital since the 2006 Lebanon War. This attack may marked the "major upgrade" of Israel's conflict between Israel and Lebanon.

Since the outbreak of the Pakistani conflict, the conflict between the Israeli Army and the Lebanon Real Party has been limited to the border border border with Israel in southern Lebanon.Israel has threatened many times that if the Osam of the Lord does not stop attacking, they will impose a punitive air strike on Lebanon.The leader of the Allah Hansan Nasrura warned Israel not to target any Lebanon, Palestine, Syrian or Iranian officials in Lebanon, saying that this will lead to the "severe revenge" of the organization.

Local time on December 15, 2023, Majdal Zoun, a southern border village in Lebanon, was attacked by Israel, and the thick smoke rolled /visual China

After Aruri was attacked, the Allah issued a statement saying that the attack constituted "serious attacks on Lebanon, Lebanon people, Lebanon's security, sovereignty and resistance."The Allah emphasized that "this crime will make a resolute response and punishment."

According to Channel 12 of Israel, on the evening of the 2nd, the Allah fired an anti -tank rocket to the Israeli National Defense Force Powder at the Temporary Border Ramim Ridge, and the army returned with tank firepower.The Allah issued a statement that night saying that rockets fired rockets and causing casualties to the military regions of the Malcie region, Manula settlement, and Jal Alam.According to Arabia TV, in response, Israeli launched many places against Southern Lebanon.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the United States has always tried to mediate to let Israel and the Allah end the battle in diplomatic methods. The Bayeng government hopes to reach an agreement with the Lord of the Lord, so that the Allah will withdraw from the Lebanon troops from the Israeli border.It may be "complicated" due to the Brort attack.

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According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on January 3, recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, the Department of Emergency Management, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly released the "Promote the Implementation Plan for High -efficiency and High -Value of Phosphorus resources (hereinafter referred to as the "Implementation Plan").

Picture source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website

The "Implementation Plan" proposes to adhere to classified policies and promote product structure adjustment.Strictly control new production capacity in industries such as ammonium phosphate and yellow phosphorus.Promote the stable price of phosphate fertilizer, prioritize the demand for phosphate ore in phosphate fertilizers, guide enterprises to scientifically discharge production, maintain reasonable inventory, and stabilize market expectations, support backbone enterprises to make better and stronger, and actively develop new high -efficiency phosphate fertilizer varieties.Expand the production capacity of wetting method of purifying phosphate and yellow phosphorus refinement, extending high value -added phosphorus chemicals such as functional phosphate, and promoting industrial development methods from scale expansion to refined, dedicated, and series of service -oriented manufacturing.

The "Implementation Plan" also mentioned that by 2026, the sustainable guarantee capacity of phosphorus resources has increased significantly, the ability to innovate independent innovation in phosphorus chemicals, the level of green and safe levels has steadily improved, high -end phosphorus chemical supply capacity has increased significantly, regional advantages and coordinated development capabilities continue to continue to develop continuous development capabilitiesEnhancement, the toughness and security level of the industrial chain supply chain are more stable.

In this regard, CCTV released the interpretation of related content:

1. What is the background of the "Implementation Plan"?

Phosphate ore is a strategic non -metal mineral resources. Phosphorus chemical is an important part of my country's chemical industry. Phosphorus chemicals are important products for the safe and stable supply chain of food safety, life health, new energy and new energy vehicles. EssenceIn recent years, my country's phosphorus chemical industry has achieved great development by relying on relatively abundant phosphate resources and perfect industrial foundations: First, the industry scale is the world's leading, and it is already the world's largest phosphorus ore and phosphorus chemical producer; the second is the industry; the other is the industry. The system is relatively complete, forming a complete industrial chain of the production of a series of products such as yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid, phosphorus, and phosphorus. Third, the intensive development has a good foundation. Yunnan, Guizhou, Hubei, Sichuan and other provinces have formed a number of characteristic phosphorus chemical parks such as Yunnan Anning Industrial Park, Cheong Economic Development Zone Chemical Park, Hubei Yidu Chemical Park, Mianzhu Xinshi Chemical Park. Hua, Yunnan Yuntianhua, Hubei Xingfa, Chuanfa Long Python, etc. represented by the leading enterprise represented by the Phosphorus.However, it is also facing problems such as low level of comprehensive utilization of phosphate, low resource sustainable guarantee capabilities, high pressure on the green development of phosphorus chemicals, and outstanding structural contradictions in the supply of phosphorus chemicals, which restrict the high -quality development of the industry.The implementation of the "Implementation Plan" aims to based on my country's national conditions, strengthen the overall planning planning of the entire industry chain, guide the phosphorus chemical industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, improve the sustainable guarantee capacity of phosphorus resources and the level of high -value utilization, and achieve high -quality development.

2. What is the overall consideration of the "Implementation Plan"?

The "Implementation Plan" resolutely implements the major decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.The first is to clarify functional positioning, which aims to refine and implement relevant planning policies.Focus on the national "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" and the outline of the long -view target in 2035, as well as specific requirements for related industry planning, special planning and guidance, to strengthen the system planning and top -level design of the protection of phosphorus resources, the innovation and development of the phosphorus chemical industry, and propose quantitativeizationObjectives, path measures and key projects.The second is to focus on dividing the policy and consolidating the foundation of sustainable development.Based on the security of food, energy resources, and important industrial chain supply chains, the bottom line is the bottom line, scientifically regulate the development intensity of phosphate ore, strictly control new production capacity of ammonium phosphate and yellow phosphorus, ensure the supply of phosphate fertilizer production, transform and improve traditional industries, vigorously develop high -end phosphorus -containing chemistryProducts to promote the refined and high -end of the entire industry chain.The third is to persist in coupling collaboration and optimize the development of the industry.Based on the "Yunnan -Guizhou Echuan" to create an advanced phosphorus chemical cluster with strong innovation capabilities, good agglomeration effects, and excellent functional characteristics, cultivate high -quality enterprise echelons with large enterprises and specialized new SMEs, and promote phosphorus chemical and building materials.The cooperative development of industries such as new energy and other industries will build a development pattern of complementary, large and medium -sized integration, and inter -industry coupling development pattern.

3. What are the main goals of the "Implementation Plan"?

The "Implementation Plan" proposes that by 2026, the sustainable guarantee capacity of phosphorus resources has increased significantly, the ability to innovate independent innovation in phosphorus chemicals, the level of green safety has steadily improved, high -end phosphorus chemical supply capacity has improved significantly, regional advantages complement each otherThe toughness and security level of the chain supply are more stable.Specifically in 4 aspects: In terms of innovation -driven, key technologies such as efficient development, clean production, and comprehensive utilization of phosphorus resources are broken; in terms of structural optimization, the capacity utilization rate of traditional products such as ammonium phosphate and yellow phosphorus has been significantly improved, and high added valueNon -agricultural products such as phosphorus chemicals are continuously optimized in the proportion of phosphorus chemicals; in terms of green development, the capacity of phosphate capacity above the energy efficiency benchmarking level accounted for more than 35%, and the treatment rate of new phospholosy heroxy gypsum has reached 100%, The comprehensive utilization rate reaches 65%; in terms of ecological cultivation, about three first -class phosphorus chemical enterprises with industrial dominance and global competitiveness have been formed, and three advanced manufacturing clusters with outstanding characteristics are built.

4. How does the "Implementation Plan" improve the capacity of resource sustainable protection?

Although my country's phosphorus ore resources are relatively rich and reserved global ranking, the total amount of resources is far less than that of countries with abundant phosphate resources, per capita reserves are lower than the world level, and there are more poverty -stricken ore and less ore. High -value use to improve sustainable guarantee capabilities.In addition, sulfur resources are also an important raw material for my country's phosphorus chemical production. my country ’s sulfur resources are still high. In recent years, international sulfur prices have fluctuated sharply, which seriously affects the smooth operation of the industry. It should also enhance domestic security capabilities through various channels.

The "Implementation Plan" proposes 3 measures. First, it is necessary to strengthen market guidance, based on domestic demand, improve the system of allocation of phosphate resources and mining rights transfer system, strictly and orderly putting the right of phosphate and mining industry, and support the integration of small and medium phosphorus ore for excellent enterprises.Guide domestic enterprises to regulate and orderly participate in the development and cooperation of foreign phosphorus ore resources in an orderly manner to enhance the ability to sustainable and guarantee the sustainable guarantee of phosphate ore; second, to promote the use of phosphate resources, encourage the rich and poor of phosphate ore production enterprises, promote low -quality phosphorus ore and low -quality phosphate ore andComprehensive utilization of tailings, increase the use of accompanying resources such as calcium, fluorine, silicon, iodine, magnesium, etc., and improve the "three rates" of phosphate mining; the third is to broaden the supply channels of sulfur resources, increase the recovery of sulfur resources, strengthen sulfur and iron oreThe development and utilization of sulfur and phosphorus resources has steadily promoted the demonstration of new technology industrialization of phosphopide acidic acid technology.

5. How does the "Implementation Plan" improve the ability of innovation and development?

my country's phosphorus chemical industry is in a critical period of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and also faces many weak links. The innovation and development mechanism is still inadequate. The upstream and downstream collaborative innovation system needs to be improved. Key technologies such as mineral selection, new type of phosphate, and deep purification of wet phosphate phosphate have not yet completely broke through. High -value -added phosphorus chemicals and high -end fluorine -containing new products based on accompanying resources are insufficient. The integration of industry -university -research and the integration of large and medium -sized enterprises. Based on "turning into a bead, beading into a chain", the need for traction and innovation -driven needs to overcome the key technologies that restrict the high -quality development of the phosphorus chemical industry. Quality, creating brand, developing service -oriented manufacturing, and continuously improving the independent, controllable, safe and reliable level of the industrial chain supply chain.

The "Implementation Plan" proposes 3 measures. First, it is necessary to build a collaborative innovation system, strengthen the leading role of innovative leading enterprises in phosphorus chemical industry, promote the in -depth integration of industry, university, research, increase core technology productsInnovative resources such as universities, scientific research institutes, and other innovative resources to create a test platform in the field of phosphorus chemical industry to improve the level of production and use connection; the second is to increase technological research, focus on weak links in the industry chain, support upstream and downstream enterprises, scientific research institutes, innovation platforms, etc.Collaborative breakthrough key technologies, enhance the level of green, intelligent, and efficient development in the industry; the third is to break through key materials and actively promote the phosphorus chemical industry chain to new energy materials, electronic chemicals, functional fine chemicals and other fields, strengthen and fluorine fluorideChemical coupling, vigorously develop new high -end fluorine -containing materials, and enhance the supply capacity of high -end products.

6. How does the "Implementation Plan" optimize the adjustment of the industrial structure?

At present, my country's phosphate chemical industry chain is at the low -end and low -end. It is mainly based on primary products such as ammonium phosphate, yellow phosphorus, and general phosphate. The supply of salt and other products is insufficient.In addition, the development of large and medium -sized enterprises in the industry needs to be further optimized, and the differentiated development between regions has not been fully reflected.It is urgent to focus on different aspects of the industrial chain and accurate policies in different regions, and optimize product structure, corporate structure and regional layout.

The "Implementation Plan" proposes 4 measures. First, it is necessary to promote the adjustment of product structure, strictly control new production capacity in industries such as ammonium phosphate and yellow phosphorus, do a good job of supply and stability of phosphate fertilizer, actively develop new high -efficiency phosphate fertilizer varieties, extend the development of functional phosphate phosphate phosphate phosphate phosphateHigh -value -added phosphorus chemicals such as salt, promote the transformation of industrial development methods to refined, dedicated, and serialized service -oriented manufacturing., Environmental carrying capacity, etc., create a number of advanced manufacturing clusters, build an industrial structure of complementary advantages between regions, upstream and downstream coordinated supporting facilities, and horizontal symbiotic coupling; the third is to build a high -quality enterprise echelon to improve the concentration of phosphate mining and primary phosphorus chemical production concentration.Promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream, form a high -level professional manufacturing and service capabilities, cultivate leading enterprises with resource control and industrial chain leadership, and accelerate the cultivation of new "little giant" enterprises and manufacturing industries and manufacturingSingle champion enterprises, strengthen the characteristic industrial cluster of small and medium -sized enterprises in phosphorus chemicals, and promote the transformation and upgrading of "chain"; fourth, to promote cross -regional and upstream and downstream collaboration, strengthen resources, technology, and industries between regions, and cooperate to create a safe and efficient industrial chainSupply chain system, guide phosphorus ore, phosphorus chemicals and downstream enterprises to carry out strategic cooperation, build a new type of cooperation mechanism with risks sharing and sharing of interests, and enhance the competitive advantage of the entire industry chain.

7. How to promote the safe green transformation of the industry in "Implementation Plan"?

At present, the pressure of green and safe development in my country's phosphorus chemical industry is still large, and the proportion of phosphate production capacity lower than the benchmark level in the industry is still high. The comprehensive utilization rate is low, and resource utilization such as yellow phosphorus exhaust gas needs to be strengthened, and the foundation of safety development is still not reliable.The development of the phosphorus chemical industry must adhere to the green development, coupling associations, keep the safety bottom line, promote the development and utilization of phosphate ore and its co -(companion) resources, and promote the entire industry chain of phosphorus chemical industry around clean production, energy saving carbon reduction, circular economy, essential safety, essential safetySpeed up the transformation and improvement.

The "Implementation Plan" proposes 4 measures. First, it is necessary to create a model of energy -saving and carbon -reducing development models, accelerate the promotion and application of energy management center construction, such as energy management centers such as energy -saving and energy saving of phosphorus chemicals.Energy replacement, promote the optimization of the energy system; the second is to improve the level of clean production, focus on the mining of phosphate resources, the production and processing of phosphorus chemicals, and the treatment of waste emissions, accelerate the ecological restoration of the mine and the construction of green mines, and encourage the supporting construction of phosphorus chemical enterprisesAnd run the online pre -processing device of phosphopide, promote the harmless treatment of phosphopide, and further improve the green manufacturing system of phosphorus chemical industry; third, to promote comprehensive use of resources, continuously expand the comprehensive use of phosphopide, and carry out the application demonstration of comprehensive application of phosphopide according to local conditions.Improve the quality and application standard system of phosphopide products, and develop the processing industries of phosphate ore (companion) and other by -production resources; fourth, to improve the level of essential safety, newly built phosphorus -containing chemical production projects must enter general or low safety.The risk of chemical parks (except for the project with other industry production devices), establish and improve the dual prevention mechanism of HSE management system, safety risk grading control and hidden dangers, implement the safety transformation of old phosphorus chemical devices, automatically high -risk technology automationTransformation.

8. How to promote the implementation of the "Implementation Plan"?

The "Implementation Plan" proposes three guarantee measures.The first is to strengthen coordination and linkage, strengthen departmental coordination and provincial linkage, and work together to promote the high -efficiency and high value of phosphorus resources.Encourage local governments to improve supporting policies, implement key tasks, accelerate the cultivation of advanced manufacturing clusters of phosphorus chemical industry, and strengthen comprehensive utilization of waste gypsum and tailings such as project land and energy use.Related industry organizations should play a role of bridge bonds to strengthen industry self -discipline.The second is to strengthen policy coordination and increase support for technological transformation projects such as the high -end development of the phosphorus chemical industry, intelligent upgrade, green transformation, service extension, and safety management and control.Give play to the role of national production integration platforms, and guide investment funds and financial institutions to support the implementation of key projects.Comprehensive use of products that meet the standards of phospholoscopic use of products are included in the scope of green building materials product certification and promotion catalog, technical product catalogs of building energy conservation promotion, and government procurement demand standards for green buildings and green building materials.The third is to create a good environment, encourage localities to carry out pilot construction of production and education integration, strengthen the protection of talent support, strengthen intellectual property protection, implement the requirements of building a large unified market in the country, eliminate local protection and administrative monopolyFlowing flow, strengthening the cross -regional collaboration of phospholosifying and comprehensive utilization of products.

( According to the US CNN and the Guardian report, on January 2, local time, former US President Trump has filed an appeal to the High Court of Maine, asking for overthrowing the stateElected officials have previously canceled their decision to participate in the qualifications of the Republican Party in the next year.The United States is the second state in the United States to prohibit Trump from participating in the preliminary selection of the Republican Party after Korland.

In the document of the Trump campaign team to the Minson High Court, he accused the State Secretary of State State and Democrat, Shenna Bellows, "prejudiced" and "abuse of power", which led to Trump's "not enough enoughOpportunities and time to defend.

"State Secretary of State's ruling is a product full of prejudice and generally lack of legitimate procedures," Trump's team criticized that Beros "overdone power, repeated impermanence, abuse of freedom of discretion" and did not provide "a large number of records recorded in the case in the case.Evidence support ".

The document also wrote that the State Secretary of State's "no statutory power" based on Article 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution (that is, the "Terms of Rebellion"), and "mistakenly" to cancel the Trump's participation in the qualifications of the Republican Party in the next year.Decide.

In the document, the Trump team reiterated: "President Trump did not‘ participate ’’ “rebellions'."

Screenshot of the file submitted by the Trump campaign team

On December 19, 2023, local time, the Supreme Court of Colorado in the United States ruled that according to Article 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution, the former President Trump was not qualified to serve as a public office again and ordered the State Secretary to bring him him.The name is excluded from the preliminary election of the Republican President of the state.

The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) pointed out that this explosive ruling is the first case in such a lawsuit. Article 3 of the Fourteen Amendment of the Constitution of the Rules is "Terms 3 of the Rebellion".So far, more than 25 state lawsuits have challenged Trump's qualifications, but have not succeeded.However, the Trump campaign team stated that he would "quickly appeal" on the ruling.

On the 28th local time, Maine became the second state that Ban Trump was prohibited from participating in the preliminary selection of the Republican Party after Corpoado.But this decision is different from the judgment made by the Supreme Court of Colorado. It has not undergone a relatively long legal process, but is made by state -level officials.Berlos, the Secretary of State, Democratic, believes that Trump "participated in the uprising or rebellion."

Trump and Maine State Secretary of State Belos

The traditional support of the Democratic Party in Maine has limited impact on Trump's election.However, Berlos' decision caused differences in the state of Maine. Republicans and some Democrats of the state opposed that Trump's decision to remove Trump's votes from the state was opposed.

It is worth mentioning that, as the largest voting warehouse in the United States, California has not followed the pace of Colorado and Maine, becoming another Pioneer of Trump Trump.The US Supreme Court also announced on December 22 that it would not make a quick trial on Trump's question of whether Trump enjoys extensive exemption in the "suspected intervention of the 2020 election case".

In addition, the US Political News Network "Politico" noticed that the reaction of Democrats was obviously plain compared to Trump supporters and Republicans.Politico analysis said that for Democrats, any celebration from the Democratic Party will irritate Trump's supporters, strengthen Trump's "persecutor" label, and "have no help" for the results of the campaign.

At present, Biden and Trump are leading candidates in the Democratic and Republican Party.Recent polls show that Trump's support rate has increased, and Biden's support has decreased slightly.Data from Morning Consult, a well -known US poll, showed that as of December 19 last year, Trump's support rate was 44%, slightly higher than Biden's support (42%).

This article is an exclusive manuscript of the Observer Network. It is not allowed to reprint without authorization.

[Text/Observer Net Xiong Chaoran] In the past 2023, the global electric vehicle market competition is particularly fierce. In this competition, Chinese car companies stand out and attract attention.

According to Reuters and "Nikkei Asia" on January 2, local time, American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla delivered a record -recorded electric vehicle (nearly 500,000 vehicles) in the fourth quarter of last year, exceeding market expectations, and alsoAchieving the goal of the whole year.However, the status of the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer in this quarter was attributed to BYD (over 520,000) in Chinese car companies, which is also the first time BYD's quarterly sales surpassed Tesla.

Although some Western media such as Reuters want to deliberately emphasize that Tesla is still leading BYD in the field of pure electric vehicles, but the Wall Street Journal also admits that BYD's global market status has risenSlas brought new pressure and made China's strength in the global electric vehicle market began to appear.

The US "Business Insider" website even sighs: "Tesla lost to China in the dispute between electric vehicles." Agence France -Presse believes that BYD should continue to lead the leading leader in the context of the Chinese government strongly boost the local market.status.

Data map: BYD car map from IC Photo

BYD grabbed the challenge, foreign media paid close attention to

According to reports, Tesla delivered 494,989 electric vehicles from October to December last year. This data is lower than 526,409 units delivered by BYD, which shows that car buyers are more willing to find outstanding cost -effective under the high interest rate economic environment under the high interest rate economic environment.Model.

"Nikkei Asia" describes 2023 as a "big year" of electric vehicles.Although Tesla's efforts made by Tesla's year -end sales have basically been rewarded and helped him deliver 1.8 million electric vehicles throughout the year, it did not reach 2 million vehicles under the ambitious CEO of Mask.Internal goals.

However, Reuters believes that Tesla's total annual sales are still leading BYD, which is mainly reflected in the field of pure electric vehicles.BYD delivered a total of 3.02 million vehicles in various types last year, an increase of 62%over 2022. Electric vehicle sales increased by 73%to 1.57 million units. Plug -in hybrid electric vehicles increased by 52%to 1.43 million vehicles.

"Tesla Electric Vehicle has lost to BYD for the first time in the quarter." The Wall Street Journal used this title that BYD has not only become China's leading electric vehicle manufacturers, but the rise of this car company also reflects that China has become increasingly increasing in the field of electric vehicles in the field of electric vehicles.The dominant position of growth is to push high -digit electric vehicles to the market, and many Chinese auto manufacturers have a faster operation than Western car companies.

The American "Business Insider" shouted- "Tesla faced China to lose its electric car crown."Agence France -Presse quoted Neil Saunders, director of the analysis agency GlobalData, said that BYD has structural advantages and under the strong support of the Chinese government's support for the electric vehicle industry, which will not only helpTo boost the domestic demand market, it will also increase BYD's position in the export market.

China's electric vehicle industry has risen, and Western media are a bit "glass heart"

As a Western media, Reuters, when BYD won the global championship results in the last quarter of last year, still used the term "steal" in the title.The report also quoted Hargreaves Lansdown, a US financial management institution, and Susannah Street, director of the market.

She claims: "This competition will damage the profit margin of the two companies, but BYD obviously believes that in order to increase market share and awareness, it is worth paying for such a price."

But in fact, Tesla has also strengthened discounts and provided some incentive measures, such as: if the customer accepts delivery by the end of December last year, he can enjoy a free and fast charging for 6 months.In 2024, some models of the compact model Model 3 will lose the US federal tax debt. Tesla's incentive measures are considered to be promoting sales before that.

Data map: Shanghai Pudong Tesla Super Factory, Tesla Model3 production line.Picture from IC Photo

On December 27 last year, Bloomberg wrote that in the fourth quarter of 2023, BYD's electric vehicle sales were expected to become the world's first. "This will become a symbolic turning point in the electric vehicle market.The global automotive industry is increasingly influential. "The article quoted the prediction of investment institutions that although Tesla is still leading BYD in revenue, profits and market value indicators, these gaps will be significantly reduced next year.

According to the article, BYD is a rare autonomous car manufacturer who produces batteries, which is its unique advantage.In addition, BYD is also trying to make up for the "shortcomings" of the design of the car.In 2016, the German Wolfgang Aig was invited to be the director of BYD's global design. He was the head of automotive brand design in Audi.

Bloomberg believes that today, this car manufacturer run by Wang Chuanfu is ready to become the new boss of global electric vehicles.The article quotes BYD's promotional saying "the largest car brand you have never heard of" at ATTO 3 in April this year.New global leaders.

Hong Kong media: superimposed by various factors, In 2024, Chinese car companies will make a big shuffle

In addition, it is worth noting that as the world's largest and fastest automotive market, China has continued to lead in the new energy transformation of the global automotive industry, but the competition of Chinese electric vehicle companies is also increasingly heated.Discussion on the tide of elimination.On January 2nd, Hong Kong's "South China Morning Post" quoted the automobile supply chain investment manager's words that 2024 was a "watershed", and the mainland electric vehicle car market will face a large shuffle.

On December 28, 2023, the Xiaomi Motor Technology Conference was held, and Xiaomi Mi SU7 was officially released.Picture from IC Photo

The article combined with market data and automobile companies dynamic analysis said that the slowdown in the growth rate of the new energy vehicle market, intensified competition and fierce "price war" will bring tremendous pressure on more than 200 Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers.Enterprises may leave this year.

At the same time, the New York Times followed that Chinese car companies such as BYD are accelerating overseas.On December 22 last year, BYD announced that it will build a new energy vehicle production base in Sai Ged, Hungary, which will be constructed in stages.This will be the first production base for Chinese car companies to build in Europe.

In addition to the establishment of a factory in Europe, BYD can avoid the EU's "origin rules" tariffs, but also avoids the recent tendency policies that France just formulated.At the end of September 2023, the French government launched a new regulations for electric vehicle subsidies. In December, it further introduced the list of models that meet the subsidy standards. Some Chinese -made electric vehicle models were excluded.China has expressed serious concerns that related measures constitute a discrimination against electric vehicles produced by the European Union and harm the interests of all parties including French consumers.

Fitch rating pointed out that with the continuous fermentation of the EU's anti -subsidy survey, the rise in overseas policy risks has a greater impact on some Chinese -funded car companies, and the pace of automobile and industrial chain companies will further accelerate.