"Silk Road Changan" Guqin Non -Heritage Culture and Art Festival series activities launched in Xi'an
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Western Net News (Reporter He Tong) Listen to Guqin,热门话题 appreciates Guqin, and experience the beauty of Guqin.On the afternoon of December 20, the "Masterpiece Lecture · Changan Qin Collection" of the first "Silk Road Changan" Guqin Non -Heritage Culture and Art Festival was held at the Northwest University Museum.Sun Jiannan, the president of Guqin and the young Guqin player of Xi'an Mingjunfang, specially invited the famous Guqin educator and performer Zhang Zisheng to bring a special lecture on the top ten famous songs "Flowing Water" in the theme of "High Mountain Flowing Water".

Guqin, also known as "Yuqin" and "Yaoqin", is a traditional Chinese string instrument. It has a history of more than 3,000 years and is a treasure and inheritance of the Chinese national culture.Due to the music character of clearing, harmony, light, and elegant, Guqin lived in the first of the four arts, and sent the attitude of literati and proud and extraordinary life. It is the theme of the literati and elegant artifacts and the painting of poetry.


Listening to the simple tunes, as if crossing the tunnel of time and space, and appreciating the elegance and style of the ancients.This special lecture has attracted the arrival of many Guqin music enthusiasts and citizens from all over the country."Guqin, as a type of traditional Chinese instrument, I think it brings a sense of meditation and calmness. But today’s activity let me know that Guqin can also be beautiful and pleasant, which also makes people traditional Chinese musicCulture has a deeper understanding. "A Guqin enthusiast at the scene said.