Dangfeng Muyu and Rainy Prescription
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  President Xi Jinping pointed out in the New Year's New Year's congratulatory word in the 2024: "On the way to the way, there is wind and rain." In the critical period of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, it is inevitable that it is inevitable to encounter difficulties.It is the norm with wind and rain, and the wind and rain are responsible.On the way forward, only unremitting struggle and eternal struggle can we bear the mission of the original intention and achieve a great cause.

  Only by the responsibility of the wind and rain can we see the rainbow after the wind and rain.The C919 large aircraft realizes COMIC, the domestic large cruise ship completes the test flight, the Shenzhou family space relay, the "struggler" limit deep dive ... Behind the success, the background of struggle, the style of responsibility, the hard work of several years or even decadesThe hard work of hard work is the persistence pursuit of one thing in a lifetime.Those who do not want to change, those who do not avoid refuge in.The relay stick of history has been handed over to us. Be sure to do it without hesitation.

  The wind and rain are accompanied by the rainbow, and the struggle and achievement are like a shadow.The hardships and suffering are more frustrated and brave, and we are in the Jeda to die. It is the "spiritual password" of our party from suffering to glory, from weak to strong, and from victory to new victory.In this process, it is precisely the courage to struggle and be good at struggle, so that you can open the road and meet the water bridge everywhere, and resolutely defeat the difficult and dangerous obstacles on the road.After passing thousands of mountains and rivers, it still needs to be waded in the mountains.Promoting Chinese -style modernization is a pioneering cause, which cannot be achieved overnight, once and for all.But as long as the road is right, you will not be afraid of the high mountains and rivers.Believe that Shi and Shi are on the side, and the wind and rain move forward, and we will eventually reach the other side of our dreams.

  Difficulty, Yuru Yucheng.The wind and rain are not only a process of achievement, but also the process of growth. The stronger the more responsible and hard work, the more they can sharpen their will, increase their talents, and achieve their careers.When you encounter complex contradictions, you dare to grasp and dare to touch hard, and you will have less panic when you touch it. When you meet a major problem, you will dare to try and dare to be the first.You know, although the struggle of the wind and rain is hard, the growth of the wind and rain is often the most valuable.After the quenching forging of the bumps into a bumps, Fang has the perseverance and perseverance.If you have the opportunity to pick up heavy burdens, involve dangerous beaches, and break through, the more difficult it is to move forward, the more difficult and more difficult.

  Struggle for the wind and rain is concrete and vivid.Looking forward when struggling is the goal, looking back and looking back is the result.After the goals and tasks are determined, the best way is to work hard to implement the task goals in the fastest, maximum effort, and maximum quality.All great achievements are the result of continuing struggle. All great causes must be promoted in the past.As long as we promote the great spirit of struggle, each node is not allowed, every detail is not relaxed, and every problem is not let go.

  (Xiao Shuai, Organization Department of Suqian Municipal Party Committee)