China ’s ship manufacturing industry is taking advantage of the wind
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  On January 1,爆料资讯 2024, China's first large -scale cruise ship "Eda Magic" opened its first commercial flight, marking that China has the ability to build an aircraft carrier, large LNG transport ship, and large cruise ships."Three Pearls on the Crown".Foreign media's attention is that many indicators in China's shipping industry lead the world, and China is moving from a large shipbuilding country to a shipbuilding power.

  Construction ability is constantly improving

  According to the French "Echo" website, the first large cruise ship built by China Shipyard opened its first commercial flight, which is very symbolic.The "Eda Magic Capital" sail marks that China has so far built a large -scale cruise construction market led by European manufacturers, especially the French Atlantic Shipyard.The "Aida Magic Capital" built by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. under China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. is 323.6 meters long, 37.2 meters wide, and a total tonnage is 135,500 tons.It is not inferior to large cruise ships built by Europeans.

  According to the Bloomberg News website recently reported, the "Aida Magic" cruise was launched from Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port on January 1st.And Fukuoka.This passenger ship has 16 floors, with 22 unique restaurants and bars, including Mahjong rooms, beer houses, hot pot restaurants, duty -free shops and staged "Marco Polo -Silk Road Love" and other obvious Chinese styleMusic Theater.This cruise ship provides Chinese tourists with a way of travel that can not only go abroad and not completely out of the domestic comfortable life.

  Agence France -Presse reported that China's first domestic large -scale cruise ship officially opened its first commercial flight, marking that as China actively seeks independence in key technical fields, high -end construction capabilities have continued to improve.

  The "Eda Magic" cruise ship sail is another milestone in the field of large -scale shipping in China.According to data from the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, from January to November 2023, China ’s shipbuilding volume, new order volume, handheld order volume accounted for 50.1%, 65.9%, and 53.4%of the global total, respectively.Both ranked first in the world.Chinese shipbuilding products have gradually covered all the ship types in the market, with production accounting for more than 40%of the international market, and the industry's annual revenue of more than 500 billion yuan.Foreign media pointed out that in recent years, China's shipping industry has developed rapidly and has achieved many eye -catching results.

  "China has become a leading sheep in the field of large -scale ocean ships, occupying half of the global ship manufacturing industry," said the South Korean "Global Finance" article.The Yonhap News Agency recently reported that according to the preliminary statistics of the British shipbuilding and maritime industry analysis agencies, Clarkson Research Company, the global new ship's order volume in 2023 was 41.49 million amendments (CGT). Among them, Chinese shipping companies undertake 24.46 million CGTs, accounting forIt ranks first in the world for three consecutive years than 59%.

  Deepen cooperation in related fields

  The development of China's shipping industry has a positive impact on the global ship market and trade shipping.Many foreign media have noticed that as more Chinese ships are sailing to the world, cooperation in related fields such as trade, ports, and shipping in China is also deepening.

  According to the Russian Satellite Society website, thanks to the advantages of freight, shipbuilding and financial advantages, Chinese shipowners are very active in the new ship market.In August 2023, the size of the fleet held by Chinese shipowners reached 249.2 million tons, and its market share accounted for 15.9%, becoming the world's largest shipowner country.

  Greece's "Daily News" reported that Greece and China have continued to accelerate their cooperation in shipping infrastructure, and more and more Greek ships are built in China, and Port Breeus has gradually become the leader of European container loading and unloading.Breyvs Port Authority is operated by China Ocean Marine Group Co., Ltd. Holdings.COSCO is one of the world's largest shipping companies, with more than 1,300 ships, and global routes cover more than 1,500 ports in 160 countries and regions.George Hillary Hillary, Chairman of the Greek Shipping Financial Association, said that in the past 10 years, half of Greece's new ship was built in China.

  Foreign media pays attention to the rapid development of China's shipping industry, and the maritime industry related to it also shows a prosperity.

  According to the US quartz financial website, China electric vehicle is focusing on occupying a larger share in the global automobile industry, and at the same time developing into the field of automotive maritime.According to statistics from Clarkson Research Corporation, in 2022, Chinese shipyards received orders from at least 58 new car transport ships, accounting for more than 86%of the total global orders.With the surge in China's electric vehicle exports, Chinese manufacturers are increasingly hoping to have a greater influence on the shipping link of the car supply chain.

  Green transformation, upgrade of quality

  The ship manufacturing industry is known as the "crown of comprehensive industry", which shows the comprehensive industrial strength of a country.In recent years, China's shipping industry not only has a global lead in production scale, but also seek more breakthroughs in the technology field.The development direction of the green transformation of China's shipping industry has attracted foreign media's attention.

  The "Outline of Green Development Action (2024-2030)" recently released by the five ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology mentioned that the green development of the ship manufacturing industry is an important direction for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes in the global maritime industry.It is an inevitable way for China's shipbuilding industry to achieve high -quality development.

  Reuters is focusing on the core content of the "Outline" in the report.It is reported that China plans to produce more than half of the world's use of clean energy by 2025.China plans to build more ships with low -carbon fuels such as liquefied natural gas and methanol. This is the Chinese government's efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

  Bloomberg reports that at present, the global shipping industry is facing a large -scale transformation, and shipping companies have begun to replace fossil fuel ships with green power ships.In addition to planning to build more clean energy such as liquefied natural gas and methanol, it also plans to accelerate the development of new types of transport ships such as liquid ammonia, liquid hydrogen, liquid carbon dioxide.