Israel: "Completely controlled" Hamas Command Center and the military action in northern Saudi Sausa "close to the end" (2)
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Themoment information website "Pyramid" reported on the 19th that a source who was unwilling to disclose his name reported that the talks will discuss the "suspension of fire and stop war" to release the detaister and lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip "preparing an agreement".

Israeli President Herzog said on the 19th that Israel has prepared to implement humanitarian ceasefire again and allow more humanitarian assistance to enter the Gaza Strip, so as to promote more detained personnel from the Gaza Strip to be released.

According to CCTV News, on December 20, local time, at the request of the United States, the United Nations Security Council once again postponed the voting time of the draft resolution of the Pakistani issue submitted by the UAE.

It is understood that the draft of this latest resolution called for emergency to stop hostile operations, enabling humanitarian assistance to enter the Gaza Strip safely, and called for a humanitarian rescue material monitoring mechanism led by the Secretary -General of the United Nations.However, the United States still objected to the content of "suspending hostile action".

When the Security Council will vote on the draft resolution, it is still yet to be determined.Some media quoted a number of faith sources that the US delegation did not rule out the possibility of rejection votes for the draft resolution.

Israel: "Completely controlled" Hamas Command Center and the military operations in northern Saudi Sausa "close to the end"

Picture source: CCTV News

The Gaza Strip Health Department stated on the 20th local time that on the same day, the Israeli National Defense Force carried out several air strikes on the La Fa in the southern city of Gaza Strip. Several buildings were hit, causing at least 12 people to die and injured dozens of people.The video showed that the smoke was rolling at the air strike.

According to the Peninsula TV Station, the attacked buildings were only hundreds of meters away from Kuwait Hospital, and at least 25 woundeds have been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Israel: "Completely controlled" Hamas Command Center and the military operations in northern Saudi Sausa "close to the end"

On December 20th, after suffering an air strike of the army in southern Lebanon, he rose to smoke.(Picture source: CCTV News)

According to a statement issued on the evening of December 20, local time of the Israeli National Defense Forces, the Army fighter aircraft and armed helicopters launched an air strike on the target of the Allah in southern Lebanon on the same day.Library and other.

The statement stated that the Israeli army was launched in the area along Libian.

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