2024 "Winter Tour Ice and Snow Encounter Yantai" and "Yantai Ice and Snow Sports Season" activity was launched
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   Jiaodong Online,Express information website January 3 News(Reporter Zhao Zhujian) "The weather in the snow is long, and it is clear after the snow." On the morning of the 3rd, the launching ceremony of the 2024 "Winter Winter Winter Ice and Snow Meet Yantai" and the "Yantai Ice and Snow Sports Season" was held at the Tasan ski resort.Six lines of the three major themes of Yantai, such as snow, skiing and soup ", were carried out on the spot.

  At the launching ceremony, a tribute to the collective dance of the Winter Olympics "Together to the Future" ignited the atmosphere. He Jingxin, a promoter of the Yantai Literature Brigade, carried out the three major lines of the winter tour to Yantai, "Yantai Waiting for you to play Xue" theme online marketing activities and other theme promotionEssenceAt the same time, at the launching ceremony, the media of the "Winter Tour Ice and Snow Encounter Yantai" theme event media collected flags.Subsequently, the professional ski players jumped down from the top of the mountain at the moment of starting, waved the banner of this theme event, cheering for the "Ice and Snow, Sports Yantai" activity.The event was hosted by Yantai Culture and Tourism Bureau and Yantai Sports Bureau, and hosted by the People's Government of Zhizheng District.

  The party secretary and director of Yantai Culture and Tourism Bureau said in a potential speech: "& lsquo; Winter Traveling Ice and Snow Qi Yingtai & RSquo; Yantai Ice and Snow Sports Season theme activity.& lsquo; New Year's ceremony & rsquo;. The event coordinates skiing, health, hot springs, food, wine, folk customs and other winter tourism characteristics, planned three major themes of the six winter travel theme lines, and launched a package of winter tourism policies, & lsquo; online, offline& rsquo; Innovative products, rich activities, and benefit the people, continue to call & lsquo; Winter Yantai & rsquo; brand. Yantai advanced planning, innovative products, leading & lsquo; sports+sports & rsquo; integrate high -quality development track. & lsquo;Yantai is waiting for you to play snow & rsquo; Douyin topic caused 76 million people to participate, & lsquo; Xuewo & rsquo; Yantai has repeatedly appeared on CCTV and the circle. "

  Wang Di, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Yantai Sports Bureau, introduced the situation of winter sports: "Yantai is the first city in the province to include the ice and snow project competition into the National Fitness Games. Every year, the ice and snow sports meeting, the youth skiing championship, the ice and snow fun sports meetingMore than 30 games, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to participate in the ice and snow sports. In the upcoming ski season this year, 6 ski resort will open to the public in 4 districts, including 2 medium -sized snow farms, 4 small snow farms, 4 small snow farms.The total number of snow roads is 14, and the total mileage of the snow road is about 8 kilometers. It has basically met the needs of ski enthusiasts in our city. The ice rink on the Fushan Ice Sports Center and the Century Star Ice Rucks in the New District of the Yellow Bohai Sea will also continue to open.Lovers provide more comprehensive software and hardware services. With the arrival of the Spring Festival, more sports that are close to the lives of ordinary people will make all the appearances, and successively carry out the Ice Hockey School League of Primary and Middle School Students in Yantai City, Yantai Primary and Middle School Students, Yantai City Ice and Snow Fun Games, the seventh Ice and Snow Games in Yantai City, the 3rd Youth Ski Championships of Yantai City, and a series of colorful and diverse national fitness activities such as the New Year Ice and Snow Carnival, making the healthy breath of Yantai Spring Festival."

  Dong Shaoilei, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhizheng District Committee, Minister of the United Front Work Department, and deputy head of the district, delivered a speech: "Zhi Yan has the charm of cultural tourism, the old city and old street are full of fireworks, the central business district shows a modern atmosphere, the coastal area meets the sea winds and waves, and the city of Chaoyang finds historical memory. Zhiyi has the vitality of sports, and Juguki creates & lsquo; The city of sports and the capital of vitality & rsquo; and listed the sports industry as a key industry in the region.Filling. Shiba has the potential of consumption, & lsquo; Cultural Tourism & RSquo; & lsquo; sports & rsquo; provides new business formats, new scenarios, rich cultural travel, sports consumption supply, and obtained & lsquo;","