Dong Xiaohua | "Hu Xijin said" I am a high mountain "cannot have an ear element." Is this view correct?
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According to the "Model of the Times" and "Seven One Medal", the movie "I'm Turning", which was officially released nationwide, some plots in the film caused some netizens' bad reviews in the film. The reason for the evil review is that the film is thatThe "magic reform" has a lot of real characters and details, and even thinks that the film slander Zhang Guimei.Netizens who defended "I am a high mountain" believe that the film is properly artistic creation.
However, the vast majority of netizens do not agree with this view. They always feel that the film lacks some factor, which can determine the success or failure of the film.It is said:"A group of people who have no faith, take a faithful person!"
In this regard, Hu Xijin thought that this disapproval was to find faults, and it was a full -scale moaning.It is intended to stuff some kind of "pretentious" into the film.Is the question really as Hu Xijin said?
Hu Xijin's post is as follows:"Lao Hu just watched" I'm a High Mountain ", I watched it with the various questions about this film on the Internet. When the movie is over, I can't help but say that this is a good movie. There are criticisms.It is normal, but to put some special labels on the public opinion field to it. I think it is a fault, and it is a full -scale moaning.The box office of this movie is very unsatisfactory, unfortunately.This kind of positive film is not easy to call on the market.But I want to say that "I'm a High Mountain" is full of human light, and it is very simple.I was worried about something in the film, but no, it was very frank, neither covered the hardships of the girls in the mountains, nor the cruelty of the college entrance examination."
Is Hu Xijin's statement very subjective?
Although the right right people said the comments of Tucao's "I am a High Mountain" were suspected of highlighting politics, what was the idea of the film work?Is there a disconnection from the plot?this is the key of the problem.That is to say, what is the promotion factor of the hero's noble behavior?Is it a party spirit?Or is it because of human nature?Or are they both taken into account?Which aspect of the two is a bit prominent?The central thought symbol of the plot shows the journey of Zhang Guimei, the real Zhang Guimei in life?This is the main indicator of the success or failure of this film.
Although it is no longer a prominent political era today, the guidelines for seeking truth from facts have been standing in the courtyard of the Central Party School.So the essence of the Internet controversy is that the film wants to promote the Communist Party member Zhang Guimei?Or is it just Zhang Guimei of the gentleman?Is Zhang Guimei, who shows a fictitious appearance, or loyal Zhang Guimei's ideology in real life?That is to say, what is the spiritual motivation of Zhang Guimei's "dedication and selfless dedication"?Is the film reflected?



Hai Qing, the player of the film, shared her feelings of interpreting Zhang Guimei, a "model model".
she says:"I feel that such a great person has changed from ordinary people to the heroes in our minds. At first, she was curious. Later, when she walked into the more, she found that she was shining with me.She has achieved thousands of millions of, so I am honored to play her. "
As for why Zhang Guimei in life has no self, Hai Qing did not further explain.
I was looking for Zhang Guimei's life reading time, and found such a record of Zhang Guimei's life:"She insists on leading education with red culture, cultivating students' character that is not afraid of hardships and hard work, and guides students to remember party grace and return to society. She insists on organizing the organization life of theoretical study and revisiting the party's oath every week.The pioneering and model role in the school's work. "
This text proves that Zhang Guimei's ideology occupies the center position in the center of communist values.Values lead the motivation to dominate a person.



In general, human behavior is dominated by two forces:The first is its instinctual reaction;The second is her rational consideration that is correct, that is, motivation.
American psychologist Wu Davos believes:"The motivation is to stimulate and maintain organizational actions, and it will allow the psychological tendency or internal drive to guide the action to a certain goal."
Therefore, the description of the plot description in line with the journey of Zhang Guimei must not ignore the motivation formed by Zhang Guimei's inner world.
In other words, you ca n’t just take the driving force of this inner world just in the form. This kind of film is not only unreal, but also has no depth of thought.
The faithful expression of the main character of the protagonist's behavior, only highlighting the gentleman who shows her human nature, the result is "the end of the paper is shallow."It shows that the screenwriter does not describe the real inner world of the character with a sense of awe, and the characters written will naturally not be full and vivid.
It is difficult to create a lifelike character image written with a pseudo -decorative handwriting, and the natural box office will not come up.And Hu Xijin said: "Worried about something in the film," as a result, the "pretentious" things in Hu Xi's imports were exactly the soul of Zhang Guimei's thoughts in real life.