"Why do dinosaurs achieve domineering?" From Saturday, come to 2023 China Zigong Dinosaur Art Week to find the answer!
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A collision between science and art is 今日头条about to be staged.On Saturday, Saturday, 2023 China Zigong Dinosaur Art Week will kick off in Zigong in Sichuan.

Red Star News reporters learned that during this event, not only high -end forums with the theme of "Dinosaur Science and Art" will be held, but also industry experts "how can dinosaurs achieve domineering? -Reariac discussion of biological, environmental and opportunity factors"At the same time, there are industry dialogues, providing new ideas and directions for dinosaur research and popular science communication fields, and providing new ideas and measures for the development of dinosaur cultural tourism industry.

▲ Picture based on the Zigong Dinosaur Museum

According to reports, since August, "2023 China · Zigong Dinosaur Art Week" has launched a series of activities such as dinosaur experts entering campus, dinosaur science school, dinosaur theme sketch, 采, dinosaur culture and creative exhibitionThere are many aspects such as art events, and the public aims to enhance the public's awareness and interest in dinosaur science and art.

The second "Dinosaur Kingdom in the Eye" held in the early stage of the children's theme painting competition, which attracted nearly 600 teenagers from 16 cities in 13 provinces to participate, collecting more than 540 paintings; the second "one glance at a glanceThe 100 million years of "Fine Arts and Design Contest also attracted more than 480 authors from 16 provinces and municipalities across the country to participate, and received a total of 435 entries.During the Art Week event, the organizer will award awards and hold works exhibitions to the winners.

"2023 China Zigong Dinosaur Art Week is not only a feast of art, but also a blend of science and art." Zeng Xiaoyun, the curator of the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, introduced that art Zhou is committed to the development and innovation of the creation of dinosaur theme art and popular science creation.Establish a collaborative platform to promote the coordinated development of science and art, and promote the industrial transformation and cultural dissemination of paleontological research results.The Zigong Dinosaur Museum will continue to create a dinosaur culture week that integrates scientific creation, popular science display, art appreciation, academic exchanges, and mass entertainment, enrich the cultural life of the masses, and promote the deep integration and development of science and art.

It is reported that "2023 China -Zigong Dinosaur Art Week" is directed by the Chinese Paramountry Society, the Shuangcheng Economic Circle of the Chengdu -Chongqing Economic Circle, the Propaganda Department of the Zigong Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Sichuan University of Light Chemical Technology, the Science Popularization Working Committee of the Chinese ParamountThe Museum Association, the Sichuan Digital Media Art Association, Zigong Cultural Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau and the Tourism Bureau were co -sponsored.

Zhang Xuemei Red Star reporter Yuan Wei