Originally the conventional military power, is it now winning Russia in South Korea?The answer definitely makes many people do not believe it
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Original title: Regardless of conventional military forces,Popular news sites do you now win Russia in South Korea?The answer definitely makes many people do not believe it

To say that regular military power, I think Russia is not a Korean opponent at all.

First of all, Ukraine is a war -consuming consumption because of the incompetence of conventional power incomparable talents, and you can try it in South Korea!

First of all, Russia's strategic bomber even could not fly to the sky in South Korea at all.

South Korea's own five -generation aircraft is not counted. It is said that the F15 in South Korea, Russia's strategic bomber can't even touch the South Korean border, and even the F15 that the early warning machine cooperates can shoot down Russia's strategic bomber outside South Korea.

In terms of Air Force, there is no F16 in Ukraine. See how many US -made advanced fighters in South Korea. Have you ever heard of the probability error?When the US fighter aircraft is high -altitude bomb more than 5000 meters, the round probability error can be controlled within 30 meters.

The Russian army can play Bacht's charge because Ukraine is not enough to change to South Korea. His F15 and F16 can flatten Bachmart's entire supply line and troops assembly point. Russia's Soviet 35I dare not move at all.

How long have you not appeared on the Russian Battlefield Su 35?Why not show up?Just because of fear of Ukrainian air defense missiles.

Try to change to F15?When the Syrian U.S. military violently stunned Wagner, did the Russian Su 35 show out?

Not to mention the tank, none of Russia's tanks can block the javelin. South Korea can produce a tank that can be similar to the US M1.South Korea's own T80 bought from Russia. His understanding of Russia is very deep, let alone the navy.

Excuse me, what is the conventional power, what does Russia play with South Korea?