Original only stares for Bazai!"Second Battlefield" was suddenly opened?Yin rarely shot, Modi ordered the troops
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Original title: Don't just stare at Bazhi!"Second Battlefield" was suddenly opened?热点资讯Yin rarely shot, Modi ordered the troops

According to the Global Times, the Indian Stan Times reported that in order to ensure the safety of communication and shipping between the Manda Strait and the Indian coast, and preventing the recent missile attacks on merchant ships, the Indian Navy has now sent 5 missile destroyers to destroyer, 1 supply ship, a Boeing P-8 anti-submarine patrol aircraft and a "maritime guard" drone.According to reports, the Indian Navy deployed the Kolkata Answers, the Kachin destroyer, the Mermurgang destroyer, and the Kim Nai destroyer deployed in the Red Sea exit, south of the island of Mo Cottra, the west of the Arabian Sea, and the central part.

This incident made the situation in the Red Sea region more tense, and was even considered the "second battlefield" of Pakistani conflict.The views of other countries and critics: Some military experts believe that the intervention of the United States may cause more countries to be involved, and it will only lengthen the timeline of Pakistani conflict.The leader of the Horse Armed Forces Yushev Madani said they would confront any country or political party that hindered them to contact them with Palestine.Fuse: The Houthi armed forces launched a crackdown on Israel's targets on the grounds of "supporting Palestine", and continuously attacked ships "associated with Israel" in the red seawater.

Since Hamas launched the military operation code -named "Aksa Flood" on October 7, 2023, Palestinian -Israeli conflict has continued for several weeks, and there was a ceasefire in the middle.sign.In this conflict, in addition to the Gaza Strip and Israel, there is also a region that has attracted the attention of the international community, that is, the Red Sea region.The Red Sea area includes the Suez Canal and the Manda Strait in the Red Sea.The Red Sea area is an important node of geopolitical in the Middle East and the main point of world trade. Will it become the second battlefield of Palestine's Israeli conflict?