Li Shizhen reaches third in the world!Liang Weizheng / Wang Yan is sitting in the world!
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On December 20, 2023, Beijing time, after the World Badminton Finals last week, the World Badminton Federation ranking also ushered in the update. The Guo Yu Men's Singles Li Shizheng ranked third in the world, and the women's singles ranking has not changed!

1. Men's Singles

Anson has won the men's singles championship of the World Badminton Finals. With strong points, the world ranking is still unavailable!It is expected to come to the 110,000 level!Men's Singles Naraka ranked second in the world.

And Guo Yu's unilateral, although Li Shizhen stopped the group stage, the world ranking still ranked third in the world!Shi Yuqi won the runner -up in the finals, and the world ranked 6th, Weng Hongyang (18th), Lu Guangzu (19th).

2. Women's sheet

The women's singles Dai Ziying won the gold medal in the World Badminton Finals, but the world rankings have not changed.Women's singles F4 still occupy the top four!Chen Yufei (No. 2), He Bingjiao (6th), Han Yue (8th), Wang Zhiyi (10th).

Three, men's doubles

Although the Liang Wang combination was picked in the World Badminton Finals, he still ranked first in the world with strong points.As of now, Liang Wang has achieved good results of 6 championships and 3 sub -!

Tuou Group (8th), He Jiting/Zhou Haodong (15th), Ren Xiangyu/Tan Qiang (21st), Chen Baiyang/Liu Yi (27th), He Jiting/Ren Xiangyu (32nd) has not changed.Intersection

Four, women's doubles

Fanchen group, who just defended the championship in the World Badminton Finals, has achieved a good result of 9 championships and 3 Asias this season. With 110,000 + points, it has ranked first in the world!Liu Shengshu/Tan Ning ranked 1st, Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu ranked 1st, ranking 8th and 7th in the world!

Li Wenmei/Liu Xuanxuan (16th) Li Yijing/Luo Xumin (26th) has not changed!

Five, mixed doubles

The IELTS group just defended the World Badminton Finals Champion!As of now, the good results of 9 championships and 3 subunits are still not shaken in the world!Jiang Zhenbang/Wei Yaxin's points exceeded 80,000, ranking 5th in the world!

Cheng Xing/Chen Fanghui (26th).Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping's ranking has not changed, but the points exceeded the 90,000 levels, which is only 6 points from the Xu Cai group!There is a big chance to surpass Xu Cai!

Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong ranked first in 200 weeks, with 115,000 points and 88.5%of the winning percentage. The Olympic points are currently the first. In 2023, the two people received a total of $ 685,500.

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