Original range of 14,000 kilometers!Mars starts from the air in 18, and the Russian -Russian missiles at the same time deterred the US military provocations at the same time
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So, how should the three major actions of the U.S. military be interpreted?Where should the situation in Europe go in the future?

First, the three major actions in the United States have two political and military purposes, and Russia needs to improve sufficient vigilance.

Politically, interfere with Russia's presidential election next year, providing help for Russian opposition to stage.

A very deep purpose of Americans' approach is to interfere with the presidential election of Russia.

Putin announced the qualifications of independent candidates to run for Russian president, which is a huge encouragement for the Russian people.From the perspective of Russia's mainstream political forces, Putin is a high probability.It is also possible if Medvedev competes for competition.Shaygu, Mashasky and others are also one of the outstanding candidates in the position of Russian president.

However, the United States is very afraid of Russian leaders who oppose the US hegemony.Not to mention that Putin went up to make the United States fear, that is, Medvedev, Hagu, and others went up, and the United States was also very afraid.

Therefore, the United States comes out of the CIA and engages in a so -called puppet regime "the Republic of Russia."The Central Love Bureau is likely to launch an absolutely beautiful puppet leader to try to interfere with the Russian election.

The CIA is in place, and the purpose of the Americans is half.Next,From the military level, the U.S. military has continuously added troops in Europe, cooperating with Americans to politically interfere with the rhythm of the Russian presidential election, and provide a strong help for the Russian American opposition forces.

The Russian army has its own limitations, drilling emptiness for the US military's military deployment.However, the practice of the Russian and the DPRK made it difficult for the U.S. forces to launch a large -scale war in Europe.

The Americans were the empty of the Russian army and caught the weakness of the Russian army before doing the so -called three major actions.

The weakness of the Russian army is that the number of regular troops is too small. Almost all the Russian Army's field forces have devoted themselves to the Ukrainian battlefield, and all 13 groups participated in the war.Russia can only rely on the internal health forces in the Department of Emergency Department and the Microbi of the Russian Civil Affairs Army to defend. This allows Ukraine's miscellaneous armed "Free Russian Legion" to seize the opportunity to attack the Russian border area.

Then, the U.S. military has also seized the weaknesses of the Russian regular army's total strength, and continuously deployed troops in Finland and Denmark, supported the German deployment of troops in Lithuania, and absolutely surrounded Russia in multiple directions.The current border situation of Russia is very grim and complex, and Russia needs to respond carefully.

At present, Russia has expanded more than 400,000 troops, and the total strength of the Russian troops has increased to 2 million. The new expansion troops are likely to be deployed in the border areas of Finland and Lithuanwan to prevent US military intervention at any time.The preparation of the Russian army's intercontinental missiles and ultra -high -speed missiles is also one of the important means for the Russian army to prevent the US forces from attack.

The North Korean Army also actively launched actions. The Korean Army Ace launched the Mars 18 Intercontinental Missile to test the fast -war response ability of the Rocket Army, answered Americans' provocations with action, and enhanced military mutual trust between North Korea and Russia.

The Russian army's actions reached the effect of forcing the U.S. forces to dare not launch a large -scale war in the short term.You know, North Korea said to Americans that North Korea used nuclear weapons to use nuclear weapons.

It is not excluded that the US military has the possibility of jumping the wall. As the situation of the Russian and Urot War is not conducive to the Ukraine, the U.S. military has prepared the preparation of Russia after the Ukraine's defeat, and strengthened the military power of Finland and Denmark and Lithuania.Even though the U.S. forces did not end after the defeat of the Ukraine, the Three Kingdoms coalition formed by Finland and Denmark Lithuania would constitute tremendous pressure on the Russian army.

The Danish army hopes that the U.S. military will deploy the major troops into its country.

Needless to say, the 15 military bases are open to the U.S. military, and the Finnish Air Force purchased more than 60 F35s to prepare for the Russian army.

The U.S. military believes that the defeat of the Ukraine was caused by the insufficient preparation of the Ukraine.To prevent European countries from becoming second in Ukraine, the U.S. military is fighting the European allies.There are many advanced weapons such as F35 to allied forces in European countries.Italy, Norway, Romania, Finland, Denmark, Belgium and other countries all bought F35.