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  The main point of view is a relatively large examination question in the test test, and the main point of view of the "tie" category is a type of often examined. Mastering the techniques of such question types can help candidates in the exam quickly in the exam.Lock the correct option.Today, I will take everyone to see the main point of view of the "side -in" category.Let's take a look at these two questions first. You can choose the answer in your mind and find the commonality of the two questions.

  [Example 1] Glucocorticoids are a steroid hormone -like hormone -like hormone -like biological synthesis and metabolic effects that are generated by the human adrenal cortex.It is called glucocorticoid because its activity of regulating sugar metabolism was first known by people.In addition, glucocorticoids can also regulate the inflammatory response, so it is often used as diseases caused by an anti -inflammatory drug treatment immune system, such as allergies, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis.Corticine hormones are also often used to fight inflammation in patients with cancer.Inside the cells, glucocorticoids need to play their physiological functions by interaction with glucocorticoid receptors.

  This text is mainly introduced:

  A. Definition of glucocorticoids

  B. The function of glucocorticoids

  C. Characteristics of glucocorticoids

  D. The nature of glucocorticoids

  [Answer] B.Analysis: The paragraph first introduces the biological synthesis and metabolic effects of glucocorticoids that regulate sugar, fat and protein; then use a parallel word "other" to lead to regulating the response of glucocorticoids in inflammation; finally point out that glucocorticoids play a physiological physiological physiological physiological physiologyFunctional way.The content of the summary paragraph can be known that the article mainly introduces the functions and functions of glucocorticoids.The "definition" of item A can only correspond to the content of the beginning of the paragraph.The "function" of item B is an accurate summary of the paragraph.The "characteristics" of item C and the "nature" of item D are not the main introductory content introduced, excluding.Therefore, this question is selected B.

  [Example 2] There are many chapters related to nostalgia in the "Book of Songs" in China. In the Tang poetry and Song Ci, nostalgia is not in the early 20th century modern Chinese writers, such as Lu Xun, Shen Congwen, etc.There is a deep care of their rural into modern dilemma.Of course, nostalgia is also the theme of the world's literary tradition. The Dutch epic "Odyssey" writes that Odusus has worked hard and finally returned to his homeland to reunite with his family.The rise of German romantic literature, Huaixiang is an important part of it and has modern significance.

  This text intends to explain:

  A. Chinese and foreign writers express their deep care of rural dilemma through Huaixiang or nostalgia works

  B. Chinese and foreign writers regard Huaixiang or homesickness as an important theme in the long tradition

  C. Huaixiang or nostalgia is the best spiritual borrowing of Chinese and foreign writers to remember history through literary works

  D. Chinese and foreign writers express the most basic and most emotional emotions of human beings through the works of hometown or nostalgia

  [Answer] B.Analysis: Wen Duan first lists works about nostalgia in Chinese literary works, and then uses a "also" to connect to propose the theme of nostalgia is the theme of world literary traditions, and then enumerated foreign works on Huaixiang.Therefore, the text of the article explains that Chinese and foreign writers use their nostalgia or hometown as the theme of literary traditions, that is, item B.Item A "showing their deep care of rural dilemma" is just a Chinese writer, expressing errors, exclusion; "the best spiritual borrowing" of item C cannot be drawn, excluded;Involved, exclusion.Therefore, this question is selected B.

  We found that these two questions are parallel texts led by "other" and "also", answering such questions to pay attention to parallel words, and clarify the writing ideas.The paragraph is discussed in different aspects of things, so the correct options should be comprehensively and accurately summarized.

  The main point of view of the "tie" category is actually not difficult. To quickly solve the problem, you need to pay more attention to whether there are some sentences guided in the text paragraph. In additionIn addition, the regular exams in the exam are: (1) the punctuation symbol table side by side, such as segmentation, comma, period, etc.;Tabletons, such as row sentences, these three situations have strong iconic characteristics.As long as the conjunction of the content of the parallel paragraphs can be summarized, the common character can be obtained, and the options find the synonym.Here we should remind candidates to experience such questions in the process of doing questions in the future to improve the speed and accuracy of such questions.