British factories are very low -end, similar to small workshops
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More than 100 years ago,特快资讯 the low -end manufacturing industry was transferred from Britain to the United States for the first time.The United States has completed the accumulation and rapid industrialization of capital and technology. The low -level manufacturing industry in the UK has begun to disappear. Domestic factories have not been updated. They are gradually incomplete and gradually become small workshops.

We have dedicated these two days.One of the owners of the main components clearly indicates the brand.Then I checked the company's official website.The official website shows a British factory.I didn't expect things to be so confused.It looks like it was built a hundred years ago.

For such a shabby factory, why does the boss show his brand?Then I read the company's introduction again.It doesn't matter if I don't read it.I was shocked to see it.It is understood that the company was established in 1905.Its business is over 40 countries, with 16,701 employees worldwide, with annual sales of 30 billion Swedish Crown (about RMB 21 billion).

The first industrial revolution originated in Britain.It is the first country to complete industrialization, and the first country to complete the low -end manufacturing transfer.Although GDP exceeds Japan and Germany, the thin camel is larger than the horse.Its manufacturing industry still cannot be ignored.