McGrady: Only 4 people have really affected the world, and I am not qualified enough
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McGrady: Only 4 people have really affected the world,News information website and I am not qualified enough

Evaluating the historical status of a player, first of all, it is necessary to look at the three most gold -contained personal honors, the three most golden content of the championship, FMVP, and MVP.Of course, influence is also a very important measure of measurement. Taking Yao Ming as an example, although his NBA career is very short, as long as he mentions the basketball sport, his name will always appear in people's mouths.

Some time ago, McGrady talked about the four most influential NBA players in his mind in an interview, but it did not include himself, because McGrady thought he was not qualified to compare with them.So, let's take a look at the list of McGrady's list.


As recognized as the first person in history, Jordan led the Bulls in the 1990s to win 3 consecutive championships twice, 6 times for FMVP, 5 MVPs, 10 scoring kings.Because of its unprecedented rule, Jordan was also hailed as "the god of basketball" by countless fans.At the same time, the birth of Jordan also made the NBA the most successful commercial sports alliance, and let basketball go to the world. It can be exaggerated that Jordan is synonymous with basketball.


The reason why Kobe is so popular is very simple. He is too similar to Jordan. The same technical style and the same are good. His self -discipline and professional attitude have become the benchmark for countless young players.And Kobe's influence is not only the huge number of fans, but also his never -abandoning Mamba spirit. You must know that the Mamba spirit inspires many fans and players to finally succeed.The influence.


The Magician is known as the first guard of history. He led the Lakers in the Showtiem era in the 1980s. With the gorgeous style of gorgeous ginns, the ornamental of the NBA game was pushed to a new height.He is regarded as the greatest player in history, and can even be said to be NBA's first world -renowned superstar.If it wasn't for the early retirement of AIDS, the achievements of the magician would never be there.