Harbin ice and snow tourism explosion: tourists "envelope" citizens "make scenery"
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  China News Service Harbin,Hot discussion information website January 1st: Harbin Ice and Snow Tourism Burst: Tourists "Board" citizens "make views"

  China News Service reporter Wang Lin

  This winter, Harbin Ice and Snow Travel "Crazy", and was "chartered" by southern tourists during the New Year's Day holiday.Running on the street, there are tourists to ask, and give a free guide. "

  Harbin is known as the "Ice City". It is the earliest city in China to develop ice and snow tourism. It attracts Chinese and foreign tourists in winter.This winter, this old ice and snow tourist city ushered in the popularity of "splashing".

  China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Harbin Bureau Group Corporation") released data. From December 29, 2023 to January 2, 2024, 1.33 million passengers are expected to be sent, 266,000 passengers are sent daily, passengThe enthusiasm of travel continues to heat up.

On December 31, 2023, the Harbin World New Year's Eve, tourists danced rabbit dance in ice and snow.Peng Qiwei Photo

  The first popular destination is Harbin ice and snow world. Since the opening of the park, tens of thousands of tourists have visited every day.It is difficult to find a ticket for New Year's Eve.It's amazed "It's really too hot!"

  According to the data of Meituan and Volkswagen, the number of tourism reservations (including accommodation, tickets, transportation, etc.) in Harbin ’s New Year's Day holiday in 2024 increased by 17 times year -on -year. Harbin ice and snow world is the hottest local area.In northeast China, the bathing center has been spending hot. Since December, the online order volume of the China Bathing Center has increased by 249%year -on -year. Harbin orders have ranked among the top five in China.

  This winter, Harbin has been "occupied" in southern tourists wearing a light -colored down jacket and a cute hat.At the airport and railway station, shouted "Harbin, we are here!" In the lobby of the bath center, the luggage "lined up the long team", their owners are enjoying the northeast bath; in the morning market in Hongzhuan Street, the "flavor of the flavor in the south,The Northeast dialect of the child "one after another ...

On the evening of December 31st, the Harbin Fireworks Show in the Big World of Harbin, and tourists took a bright moment with their mobile phones.Peng Qiwei Photo

  "If you come from afar, you're happy!" Seeing the visiting guests in his hometown, Harbin people were happy and regarded southern tourists as "children".Heilongjiang Province issued an initiative, "Without Longjiang people and foreigners, they are all their own people. Be a good Lord of Longjiang Dongdao to warmly help travel to Bazang guests."Essence

  The enthusiasm of citizens and the praise of tourists have set off a continuous popularity on social network platforms.The "Bingtian and Snowfield is also the Jinshan Yinshan" online theme promotion hosted by Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee's Internet Information Office. Since its launch on December 12,#Longteng Bingxue Fighting Dream Yamong Douyin Weibo has exceeded 450 million."How fun Harbin is, how good Harbin" watch "tourists.

  Harbin people leave a message: "I have quit for more than half a month of bathing", "Frozen pears are placed on the plate"; southern tourists commented "Oh, mother, too enthusiastic" "I love the Northeast Gada" "Harbin won't come back. "