December 21 Spot Silver Evening Card Quotes Forecast-Silver Information
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During the Asian period on December 21 today,First-line information website the spot trend fluctuated slightly slightly, and the European market continued to fluctuate.At present, silver prices are hovering at the level of $ 24.24/ounce.

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[Focus on heard]

On December 21, at the end of the year, strategists expect the US dollar to weaken next year, although the strong trend of the US economy may limit the decline in the US dollar.

However, the Fed's pigeon faction in December has increased the possibility of the US dollar weakening in 2024.

After the US Federal Reserve ’s interest rate hike pushing the US dollar exchange rate to a 20 -year high in 2022, due to the strong US economic growth and the Fed's commitment to maintain the increase in loan costs, the US dollar maintained interval fluctuations to a large extent.

Last week's Federal Reserve meeting marked an unexpected change. Fed Chairman Powell said that due to inflation, the tightening of interest rates to the highest level of historic monetary policy in decades may end.

The interest rate cut is usually considered to be the unfavorable factor of the US dollar, making it less attractive to investors who pursue income, but the pace of faster interest rate cuts may accelerate the decline of the US dollar.

Kit Jucker, chief foreign exchange strategist of Societe General, said that the Fed's radical currency policy tightening and the post -epidemic policy has promoted the growth of the US economy.

【Institutional Forecast】

Silver has rebounded slightly in Wednesday's transactions, because there are many rising trends.In the same conditions, investors will return to the silver market every time, and a large number of buyers should be willing to intervene.The interest rate in the United States will have a significant impact on our next step, so we need to pay close attention to the idea of rising or decline in interest rates.If they continue to fall, then we will likely see that the price of silver rises, and may move towards $ 26 again.

In the end, the level of US $ 24 is a area of many people who will be regarded as a price attractive area, and there is a certain support below it, especially at the level of EMA near 50 days, the level of $ 23.50.In general, silver is not only negatively related to the interest rate of the United States, but also negatively related to the US dollar itself.Therefore, you need to pay attention to interest rates to determine what to do next.But in general, the momentum must be upward, and it is difficult to see the blank silver market in the short term.In fact, most people look at this problem by buying as dirty as possible.