And Journal Theory | China's high level of opening up brings new opportunities to the world
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  There is no shortage of rumors and strange talks in this world.This year marks the 45th anniversary of reform and opening up, but some people claim that the relationship between China and the world is changing and began to close the door to other countries.However, in fact, not only did China close the door to the world, but instead opened the door bigger.

  At present, China is actively constructing a development pattern, but it relies on investment and exports to promote economic growth and vigorously promote consumption and innovation.Some so -called observers in the West wearing colored glasses tried to describe this must be described as China is back to the world and to China.

  In fact, if you carefully observe China's economic and trade relations with the outside world, you will find that the problem is mainly in Washington.Some people there are prejudices and faults, which not only destroy the Sino -US trade, but also try to weaken China's economic and trade relations with other countries, try to reshape the global industrial chain supply chain, and take the opportunity to exclude China outside.

  In order to avoid the responsibility of disturbing the world's supply chain, they also hit a rake, claiming that China closed the door and cope with these damage responsibilities.Over the past year, China has repeatedly explained the necessity of deepening reforms and expanding opening up, as well as related measures, including giving full play to the advantages of China's huge domestic market, reducing the negative list of foreign investment, protecting foreign investment rights and interests in accordance with the law, and so on.

  At the third "Belt and Road" international cooperation summit forum held in October, China made it clear that the world is good, China will be good; China is good, the world will be better.

  Tesla CEO Musk predicts that China's economic development will be better in the next ten years.According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, the number of new foreign -funded enterprises in my country has grown rapidly. In the first half of this year, 24,000 new foreign -invested enterprises were established, an increase of 35.7%.This shows that Musk is not the only person who is optimistic about China's economy.