Baidu Health Cooperation Huaxi Hospital layout real world research
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Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Yao Qian) On December 18,Hot discussion information website a reporter from Beijing Business Daily learned that Baidu and Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement.To.

The National Pharmaceutical Review Center defines the real world research as the collection of data related to patients in the real world environment. The clinical evidence of obtaining the use value and potential benefits or risks of medical products can be used to support R & D drugs or increaseNew indications.

In recent years, real -world research has become the focus of exploration of China and even global drug and robe regulatory agencies, and related needs have grown rapidly.Real -world research often requires the complicated and huge amount of data sources collected. Medical records, patrol information, follow -up records, electronic health cards, and even medical insurance databases.At present, this type of data lacks a sharing mechanism and information islands, which has greatly reduced the availability of real world data.