British inflation data in November greatly cools down the pound to maintain a short -term rise
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On Thursday (December 21),爆炸新闻 the US dollar maintained an increase within the day. Today, the opening was 1.2626, with a maximum of 1.2651, the minimum reached 1.2624, and the time of time was temporarily reported to 1.2640, an increase of 0.12%.The British announced on Wednesday that the inflation data in November was significantly cooled, which strengthened investors' interest rate cuts for the British Bank of the United Kingdom, which led to the British/USD fell 90 points on Wednesday and promoted the rebound of the US dollar index.

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The US dollar index that tracks the US dollar with six major currencies rose 0.26%on Wednesday to 102.44.

The British Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 3.9%year -on -year, an increase of far lower than expected, and the lowest since September 2021 prompted investors to completely digest the possibility of interest rate cuts by the Bank of England before May next year. March next yearThe chance of cutting interest rates is also close to 50%.

UBS (UBS) foreign exchange and macro strategist Vassili Serebriakov said: "The price cut for many central banks has been advanced. I think that the Central Bank is only because of high inflation, so it is a little behind, but now it will develop in the same direction.","

Analysts believe that the US dollar may be under pressure due to the re -balance of the month.Barclays strategist issued a report on Wednesday saying: "Our proprietary re -balance model shows that by the end of the month, the US dollar will have a strong selling signal with all major currencies."

US stocks closed sharply on Wednesday.In addition, investors have settled in the recent rise in U.S. stocks. In addition, the federal express performance that is regarded as the economic barometer has fallen, and the stock price has plummeted, which has also caused US stocks.Many Federal Reserve officials verbally suppress the market's popularity of "earlier March next year" expectations.

Atlanta Federal President Bostek said on Tuesday that in view of the strong economy, the Fed has no "urgency" at present.The Rickey Mondy Fed Chairman Balkin said that the Fed made good progress in reducing inflation, but before starting interest rate cuts, he needed to see the data more consistent and did not support expectations of interest rate cuts in 2024.