Grandpa Kan's bride appeared!The 18 -year -old architect is a replica of Kim Kardashian, but the article is more plump
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I haven't appeared publicly for a long timeKanye West (referred to as Kan Ye),爆炸新闻 Use a photo of a blonde beauty to have dinner to prove that he did not disappear.

Later, the American media soon knew who the beauty was, namedBiaka Qinsory(Bianca Censori), a 27 -year -old Australian architect.

More importantly, Bi Anka is not just as simple as Lord Kan's "new love". In fact,She is already the wife of Lord KanEssence

According to reports on January 13, local time, the 45 -year -old Kan Ye and Biaka have already held a private wedding in Billy Villa. After saying "I want", they exchanged their wedding rings with each other.

But the problem is that the marriage between the two should not be regarded as legal, because they did not obtain a marriage certificate.This means that Biaca is just a nominal wife, but it is not a legal spouse.

Looking at the photos taken a few days ago from TMZ, a wedding ring was wearing a wedding ring on the left hand ring finger, but he seriously regarded himself as a married person.

It is said that when eating with Kan Ye, Biaka is short hair, but Bi Anka has always been dark long hair, and more interesting is the architecture that obtains a bachelor's degree in architecture and a master's degree at the University of Melbourne University.Teacher, with Grandpa's ex-wife-Kim Kardashian, 42, is also very similar in dressing. It feels a bit of replica.

According to reports, Lord Kan has brought her "newlywed wife" for a honeymoon. The two went to a five -star resort in Utah, where they enjoyed a good time.

It is unclear how long the two people have known or how long they have been dating. They only know that Biaka was the "Yeezy Company" who joined Kan Ye more than two years ago and served as "architectural director".

Then the fans who knew back finally understood that the "deep meaning" of the new song "Censori Overload" released last month, "Censori" was the last name of Big Anka.

Because "Censori" also meant to "delete shear", the fans thought at the time that Kanye's letter was opened and the provocative remark caused him to make him trouble.

This is how Bi Aka went to New York to participate in Fashion Week last year. Is it very like Sister Jin?

It is estimated that such a shape is also helped by Kan Ye. This was his preference, and before Biaka appeared, he had found at least two "dwell Kardashian" to accompany him.Fox, then model Qian Ni Jones, but did not reach the level of "talking about marriage and marriage".

It may be that Bi Aka's architect has attracted Grandpa Kan. After all, as the son of a university professor, he should also improve the level of his partner.

The comparison photos of Biaka and Sister Jin are really a bit of copying and paste. Of course, it can be seen that the bride of Kanye in the body management is still inferior.Firming, no clear muscle lines in the arms, and a little fat on the waist, but as long as she is willing to work hard, she should be more eye -catching than now.

But in fact, Biakka's current appearance is a bit like Sister Jin before slimming, but because she is even more "high -horsemia", she also looks more plump, very "fleshy".

It seems that Grandpa Kan was replaced, still the most like -minded lady.

Sister Jin also wore Bieka's clothes when she appeared in her own reality show.

Just after the ex -husband's "remarriage" was exposed, Sister Jin was found to go to Canada on a private jet to participate in the funeral of Andria, the mother of Tristein Thompson, the ex -boyfriend of her sister Kohler Kardashian.