Ice hockey players need to strengthen protection
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Dijinson recalled that in a match between the Chicago Black Hawk and the Vegas Golden Knight last season,Breaking news website his clavicle was hit by the opponent's ice knife."Fatting into panic", worried that my carotid artery was scratched, "I remember the referee looked at me and said,‘ too dangerous. ’I told him:‘ Yeah, I do n’t need to say, I feel it. ’”

Avoided a training camp at a university many years ago as a volunteer and lived in a humble room with several children.After one day of training, the children joked with him on the ice rink,"A child rushed into the crowd at full speed, and the ice knife hit my face on my feet, which caused me to sew it above and below. Today, there is still a scar on my forehead.My face, I didn't hurt my eyes. "

Chicago Black Eagle Team Coach Luke• Richardson also pointed out that ice hockey players need to strengthen self -protection awareness, because injuries in the game are not uncommon.He said: "This is one of the fastest -paced sports sports in the world. Players' soles of players have blades. The accident may occur instantly, which is terrible. No matter what professional players wear, they may suffer injuries. This is what they must bear.risk."


How can I make ice hockey players abandon their old habits and wear protective gear that can strengthen neck protection?McKinsey Herod said:"Players only need to experience it for themselves. In the Canadian Women's Ice Hockey National Team, I wear it20The New Year's neck protective gear will never be affected.As long as a group of star players start wearing neck protective gear and form a demonstration effect, they will become more and more popular."

McKinatsser added that if players in the North American professional ice hockey league encounter similar accidents to Johnson, the medical assistance of the alliance is not enough."I have imagined various scenes in my mind, and I feel too terrible. At a time like that, the time and resources of saving players' lives are very limited. As an emergency doctor, I feel that I have no power at all. There are many doctors and emergency alliances.Medical equipment, but we have to run with time, a little delay for a second may be back to the sky. "

Professional ice hockey players rarely consider injuries, and it is difficult to avoid injuries in the game.Richard pointed out that if a knee -injured player is always worried about his knees, he would not be able to run at all speed.However, Ao Xie believes that players must be soberly realized that their ice knife may cause harm to other players.He said:"In the game, players always need to know where their ice shoes are, will they hurt their opponents. If a player falls to the ground in front of you, then even if someone pushes you from behindThe player in front. Even if he kneels on the other side, it is much better than stretching your feet. "

Richard believes that over time, more and more professional ice hockey players will wear neck guards."This is a good idea. The player has a lot of choices. The key is to enhance awareness. Johnson's tragedy promotes everyone to think, and will pay more attention to their own safety issues. Who is still cool after wearing a neck protective gear?Compared with life, the personal image looks trivial. "

Author: Liao Jianrong