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  China News Network Heilongjiang News,Time information website January 5th (Reporter Wang Nina) On January 5th, run it, 2023-2024 Heilongjiang Youth Ice and Snow Games Ice and Snow Movement Snow and Snow Care Competition was held in Harbin Frozen Carnival, 600 elementary school students and parents from the provinceParticipated in the day of the day.

  During the event, all children will complete 27 interesting ice and snow sports sports through the 2.5 -kilometer track, ice, ice hockey, curling, archery, running around, tires, and ice buckets.They have sports ability in running, crossing, climbing, traction, thrust, throwing and other aspects.

  After the event, the children were still unhappy and remembered the happiness of the Ice and Snow Games.Ji Pengyu of Suning Red Army Elementary School said: "All the competition items are completed. I like snow football, tug of war, and the maze. In the whole process, I slipped several times, but I quickly got up and continued to participate in participating.At the event. I performed very brave today. "

  Many parents said that their children should participate in outdoor activities during the holidays, especially ice and snow sports, and spend a healthy and happy holiday life in the combination of labor and rest.

  As the winter vacation comes, the majority of young children will have more time and opportunities to participate in the ice and snow sports, run in ice and snow, and harvest health and happiness.

  On the day of the event, the 40th China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival.In January, Harbin Songhua River surface, frozen three feet, tourists like weaving.Tourists from all over the country and children participating in the event enjoy ice and snow on the ice.They are afraid of the cold and embrace nature.

  "Running · Youth" Children and adolescent theme fitness activities were jointly launched by the National General Administration of Sports, the National Health and Health Commission, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the National Women's Federation and other departments.Physical constitution, sound personality, the will of exercise, and comprehensive development.