China Eastern Airlines attended the Art Festival, won the honor award and witnessed the achievements and glory of Asian micro -films
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Themoment information website China Television Artists Association, Zhong · Yangyang News Record Film Studio (Group), Yunnan Provincial People's Government News Office, Yunnan Provincial Culture and Tourism Department, Yunnan Provincial People's Government Foreign Affairs Office, Yunnan Radio and Television Bureau, Lincang City People's People's People's GovernmentThe annual festival of the 10th Asian Micro Film Art Festival hosted by the government has been officially held in Lincang, Yunnan, Yunnan, China on November 26. Many works participating in the competition have won many different awards under professional selection.Among them, China China China Eastern Airlines won the Best Works Award of Public Welfare Advertising (Promotional Movie) and Music and TV Unit for Best Works. It once again demonstrated the warm brand image of China Eastern Airlines and a social image.


The theme of this Asian Micro Film Festival is "integrating into the Belt and Road, open cooperation and win -win" and "Asian style, Chinese dream, Lincang love".The main purpose of the economy is the most influential micro -film art event in Asia.The Art Festival collected 2874 entries at home and abroad, and a total of 848 award -winning works were selected, including 158 best works, 307 excellent works, and 383 good works.Film and television artists, representatives of film and film institutions, representatives of guests, representatives of guests, winners, and mainstream media reporters in China gathered in Lintang, and experienced the glory and dreams of micro -filmmakers.brilliant.

The annual ceremony sets up the four chapters of "The Beauty of the Beauty and the Beauty Asian Style", "The Beauty of the Beauty", "The Beauty and the Corporation", "Together with the Examination of the Council", and recalled the movies through the method of film scenery, song and dance performances, etc.The glorious journey tells the original intention, love and persistence of the filmmaker, and illuminates the road to light and shadow to the future.

"The Wonderfulness of the Connection" won by China Eastern Airlines is the fourth season promotional film cooperated with Eastern Airlines and image spokesperson Hu Ge. The film visited the last primitive village in China through the perspective of Hu Ge, showing the world that China Eastern Airlines gave full play to the advantages of the aviation industry., Specifying the two counties of Cangyuan and Shuangjiang in Yunnan, a series of "combination boxing" such as aviation assistance, industrial assistance, medical assistance, and Zhizhi Shuangdao, to help the regional and frontier ethnic minorities are open and open to the outside world to the outside world.The development of economic and social development is inserted into "flying wings".This micro -film reflects the continuous struggle of China Eastern Airlines for the prosperity of the people, consolidate the vivid practice of the effective connection and effective connection of the same rural rejuvenation of poverty alleviation, and conveys the image temperature and responsibility image of China Eastern Airlines. It has been well received in domestic and overseas communication.


In recent years, the popularity and reputation of China Eastern Airlines have been increasing. In the process of brand building, China Eastern Airlines has always dared to try new methods and strategies to accelerate brand innovation and development.During the cooperation with the spokesperson, China Eastern Airlines effectively combined the corporate image and Hu Ge's image to find the commonality of both parties. As of 2023, the spokesperson promotional video has been released in 2023, including the first promotional film "Onthetrip"."Any Gate" on the global route, the five prizes from the Golden Lion International Advertising, "Flying for Love", "Flying for Love", "Wonderfulness of Connecting Hearts", and "Super" that reflects China Eastern Airlines cross -cultural dissemination and resistance."Mr. Ab onME", a series of brand propaganda works such as "Make happiness to the ground" and show the story of China Eastern Airlines 'assistance to ethnic minority areas from the perspective of a warm perspective, and "Let the Happiness Field" and the "Yong Yi Move" that shows Eastern Airlines' initial beliefs.

In recent years, China Eastern Airlines has also actively practiced the social responsibility of the enterprise in addition to high -quality aviation travel services. It has made a lot of efforts in the areas of aviation poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation, education assistance, and contributed to the revitalization of the countryside.Eastern Airlines.The public welfare work "The Wonderfulness of Connection" has successfully won the honor of honor with a novel creativity and excellent production. At the same time, it deepened the warm brand image of China Eastern Airlines in the hearts of many netizens and the social image of responsible.