Refresh the world record!The country's first nationwide full -automated automation pier is put into production
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Science and Technology Daily reporter Song Yingying

At 16:10 on January 1st, in the first nationwide nationwide full autonomous automation terminal, the first nationwide nationwide nationwide full -automatic automation terminal, Shandong Port Automation Terminal (Phase III) operation site.The operating efficiency of the average single -machine operation of the boat and the bridge crane reaches 60.2 natural box/hour.

Shandong Port Qingdao Port Automation Terminal (Phase III) was put into operation on December 27, 2023. This project overcome a series of localized and large -scale application problems of key components, forming six major breakthroughs, 12 innovative triggers, marking a consciousness, marking a consciousness. my country has completely autonomous and controllable complete solutions in the field of automation dock construction.

After being put into production at Qingdao Port Automation Pier (Phase III) of Shandong Port, the total automation container terminal's shoreline has a total of 2088 meters long, and it can be 1652 meters on the shoreline.Thanks to the renewal upgrade of the A-TOS and A-ECS systems, and the first set of national automated electrical control systems such as large-scale applications such as technology and equipment, the efficiency of the comprehensive service of the dock has increased by 6%.