Landscape Bid: Apply in the fields of VR and other fields to apply landscape wisdom 1.0 and Shanshui Zhi Digital World Yuan Universe Platform
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According to the financial industry on December 21, some investors asked about Shanshui Bidi on the interactive platform: May I ask your company to have related technologies in AR (virtual reality), VR (augmented reality), and MR (hybrid reality)?Is there any technology applied to the above technology?

The company answered: The company is based on the three -dimensional intelligent design software of Shanshui Wisdom 1.0, and the Mountains and Shuizhi Digital World Yuan Universe Platform is applied in the fields of VR, immersive landscape space.In the past, the company has already landed in multiple immersive landscape space experience projects, including the Shanghai Chenghuang Temple Reconstruction (Yuyuan Mall) project, and Yangshuo Phoenix Wens of Landscapes.It mainly uses technological methods with super expression and communication with multimedia interaction, virtual reality, holographic projection, etc., and uses scenario -sensing audio videos, installation space exhibitions and other methods as the output path to shape the new new and authenticity of virtual information and real space.The landscape space of the times brings users an immersive experience from all aspects of vision, hearing, and touch.VR technology is also applied in real estate marketing centers, VR houses, smart communities and other projects.In the future, the company will continue to increase independent technological innovation and continuously improve the added value and market competitiveness of the company's products. With high -quality digital content as the core, the AR/VR/MR hardware end is integrated upwardDigital experience and services.