Sandfield wind and thunderbolt and hot waves -the new year's military training of the PLA and the Armed Police Force kicked off
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Original Title: Sand Farm Wind and Thunderbolt and Soldiers Survit

At the beginning of the new year,爆炸新闻 from the border of the north to the coast of the South China Sea, from the East China Sea outpost to the Snow Highland, the military and soldiers of the entire army launched the new year's military training and worked hard to win the ability.


On January 2nd, the Army's military training kicked off at a training ground in the 74th Army Lingnan in 2024.More than thousands of officers and soldiers were strictly neat, and more than ten amphibious equipment were neat.The order is out, and the wind is like the wind.

At the Snow Highland training ground, multi -course training such as real -class and multi -course training such as real -time investment in grenades, solid bomb shooting, assassination training, etc.A certain officers and soldiers of the Army devoted themselves to the new year's practical training in the state of combat.

In the Eastern Theater Army's land navigation brigade, the first flight of the new year organized dangerous courses for dangerous courses such as take -off and landing, low -altitude penetration, and simulation special disposal.

In the 71st Army, lessons such as light weapons shooting, tactical basic movements, assassination training, self -rescue and mutual rescue and other courses.

"Bang, bang, bang ..." On the shooting field, the officers and soldiers were lying on the position, aiming at the gun, and the trigger, and moved in one go.At the snowy plateau at an altitude of more than 4,300 meters, the 77th Army's officers and soldiers practiced the basic skills.


A new class of flight students in a new class of the Navy University of Aeronautics ushered in the first year of the New Year.The new year of the "post -00s" students began to enter the new course training of land -based simulation ships.

air force:

On January 3, the Southern Theater Air Force Air Force organized a new year to fly in the New Year to conduct practical training such as air combat confrontation and simulation of ground attacks.A fighter aircraft slipped out in order, accompanied by the huge roar of the engine, lifted off one after another, and went to the training airspace.

Rocket Army:

I heard the order and moved.On the training field, the training of the fields opened, field battle repair, and communication satellite settings were carried out in full swing.

Armed Police:

On January 2nd, the military training of the Armed Police Force was fully launched at the training base of the Beijing Corps of the Armed Police.The officers and soldiers landed in the vehicle and entered the battle position to carry out various practical military training.

In a certain department of the Armed Police Shandong Corps, the commander sounded an emergency collection whistle, and the elements of reconnaissance, engineering, anti -chemicals, and medical treatment quickly assembled, and an emergency rescue drill of an earthquake disaster began.

Defense mobilization system:

"The militia intelligence information officer reports that the road in front of the motor route is damaged and the vehicles cannot pass."The actual soldiers installed maneuverability.

In the Zhenjiang Army Division of Jiangsu Province, with the sound of the air defense alarm, the head of the military district and the militia emergency row, and drone reconnaissance ranked to the battle position, and a ground -air defense command combat drill opened fiercely.

(Liu Xiaohong, Liu Yinuo, Lu Dongfang, Zhou Zhenguo, Song Fangwu, Zhang Xin, Wang Shundong, Pu Songlin, Niu Zhongwei, Zhang Yongjin, Wang Fei, Kang Pengcheng, Li Shizhao, Shi Zhipeng, Zeng Xianfa, Li Shuo, He Wen, Xu Xu, Xu Xu, Xu XuCong, Sun Haoning, Zhu Jinrong, Guo Lord, Li Shan, Zhu Feng, Wei Yumeng, Yang Junxin, Ye Xinxin, Song Yang, Zhang Fan, Peng Chao, Wang Zeqi, Li Jiawei, Zhu Hongzhi, Zhao Luchao, Wang Guoyun, Sun Yanlin, Lin Ze, Song Yutao, Song Yutao, Liu Yingxian)

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