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  In 2021,爆炸新闻 Shizi Garden Village, Futiang County, Jiangxi, introduced a cultural tourism project entitled "Art in Fusiang". The project has invited 34 artists from 5 countries to create 27 art works in Shizi Garden.Ordinary Koyama Village turned into a "rural art museum" without roofs.

  As Shizi Garden has become an Internet celebrity art village, there are more and more tourists. Some villagers who are engaged in porcelain are also returned to the village to start a business.

  The earth is given nourishment, and art is nourishing the countryside here.Art is bringing lasting vitality and opportunities to the countryside.

  Wuyuan, Jiangxi has the reputation of "China's most beautiful countryside".Tongchuan, a small villages in the mountains in Wuyuan, more than 50,000 people come here to sketch each year.

  Tongchuan Township has developed a manufacturing industry with the help of the ancient ancient construction and pastoral scenery with characteristics, activated the vitality of the countryside, and allowed a remote small township to grow into a "hometown of Chinese sketches".Beautiful picture.

  There is also a name in Tianbei Village, Wan'an County, Jiangxi -Farmer Painting Village.Here are four national peasant painting creation exhibitions, and it is still the artistic creation base of many universities.In recent years, the Wan'an County Government has relying on the long history of folk painting, and has worked together to build Tianbei Village as a farmer's painting industry base that integrates farmers' painting, display, training, sketching, sales, and leisure tourism.

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