Chinese worldwide is enhanced
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Chinese is 最新新闻a public language and cultural product provided by China to the world.Since the new century, the scope of learning and using Chinese has continued to expand.According to statistics, at present, more than 190 countries and regions in the world have carried out Chinese teaching projects, 85 countries have incorporated Chinese into the national education system, and the number of Chinese who are studying Chinese overseas exceed 30 million.In recent years, Chinese has also been added as official languages by international organizations such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization and the International Aviation Transport Association.With the improvement of China's international status and influence, the global and general nature of Chinese is increasing.

Language is the key to understanding a country.Communication between China and the outside world undoubtedly requires language as a medium, and Chinese can promote language communication, information transmission, knowledge sharing, emotional understanding, and the use of the mind.The necessary prerequisite for exchanges and cooperation.Therefore, Chinese not only belongs to China, but also the world. The future of Chinese requires Chinese learners, users, and communicators in China and the world.

As a part of foreign language teaching or inheritance teaching in various countries, overseas Chinese teaching serves students from various countries to grasp Chinese and understand China's actual needs and future vision.Of course, international Chinese education not only provides Chinese learning opportunities, but more importantly, the knowledge system, knowledge map, and knowledge view of Chinese carrier and shaped by Chinese are indispensable parts of the world's knowledge system.Raising cognition and so on will help.

International Chinese education is also an important aspect of international exchanges.Innovation and development of Chinese education and application methods such as smart Chinese education, regional countries, Chinese education, Chinese+vocational skills, and Chinese workshops have enriched Chinese learning and application scenarios, and enhanced the integration and practicality of Chinese.In addition, Chinese can also build a communication bridge for Chinese and foreign education exchanges, promote the achievement of educational cooperation projects, expand the depth and breadth of education and teaching, and attract and cultivate excellent international talents.Through close cooperation with higher education, vocational education and basic education, coordinated development, international Chinese education can provide new kinetic energy for international development of education.

Chinese is also a bridge to promote mutual learning of Chinese and foreign civilizations.Chinese civilization is vast and profound.As the basic carrier of Chinese civilization, it will help the world to help the inheritance of Chinese civilization and contribute to the promotion of the construction of a community of human destiny.

In the context of the complex and changing world situation, Chinese has unique and important value for resolving the conflict of civilization, eliminating cultural gaps, and enhancing international understanding.By expanding the scope of Chinese learning and use, improving the multi -dimensional value of Chinese can help promote Chinese civilization and other civilizations and sympathy.In the context of current digital intelligence, artificial intelligence technology not only promotes the innovation of education models, but also brings new opportunities for cross -cultural understanding and civilization.The high -quality Chinese language model can help spread Chinese civilization and make the light of Chinese civilization shine.


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