Biden signed the National Defense Authorization Act to Taiwan to attract attention
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  A few days ago,Popular news sites US President Biden signed and approved the US defense budget in fiscal 2024.The bill contains a lot of content involving Taiwan, which has attracted attention.There is a pro -green media on the island to step up the speculation that it helps to strengthen the so -called "Taiwan self -defense ability". However, public opinion on the island is more scolding arch fire and opposition.

  According to the budget, the United States will allocate $ 886 billion in various types of military expenditures in fiscal 2024, an increase of nearly 30 billion US dollars from the previous fiscal year. This amount is the highest in history.Biden came into effect after the official signing on the 22nd.The bill requires the US Minister of Defense to "formulate comprehensive training, consultation and institutional performance construction plan" for the Taiwan Army after obtaining the consent of the Secretary of State.

  In addition, the bill also requires the US Minister of Defense to expand the so -called US -Taiwan military network security cooperation with the consent of the Secretary of State.The bill also requires the United States Minister of Defense to negotiate with the Secretary of State. Within 90 days of effectiveness, the bill is submitted to the relevant committees of Congress to submit a confidential report to explain that the Taiwan Army provided and approved military capabilities to the United States in the past 10 years, including operations, maintenance, deployment deploymentWait.

  Once the news was reported in Taiwan, it quickly detonated the anger of netizens on the island.Many netizens left a message in the relevant reports of the comment area, criticizing that "playing fire will be self -immolation", "comes to withdraw money again", "(USA) may not be chaotic."Some netizens also pointed out that the purpose of the United States was "to empty Taiwan!" The island's public opinion believes that the U.S. military is further tied with the defense forces in Taiwan.The situation brings new risks.

[Expert Comments] Liu Xiaofei: The United States wants to maintain the status of the "Asia -Pacific Overlord" on the issue of Taiwan

  How to view this bill?What kind of signal does it pass?We now come to connect the military commentator Liu Xiaofei and listen to his analysis.

  Military commentator Liu Xiaofei: Okay, host.In fact, the US defense authorization bill in 2024 involves Taiwan's more than one thing, but there are many things. So what it talks about, one is to use the funds of foreign aid.It is said that Ukraine is also like Israel, including providing military assistance like Taiwan, so that there is now a atmosphere in the United States. Many people think it is necessary to provide more military assistance from these three countries and regions.In terms of Ukraine, many young people have also started to tend to support Ukraine to fight this battle. Otherwise, the power, status and existence of the United States in the entire European region will be affected. As for the issue of Taiwan, it is also the United States.It is necessary to maintain a domineering status in the Asia -Pacific region. If the region in Taiwan cannot support the entire strategy of the United States and forms a new breakthrough, it means that the strategic layout of the United States in East Asia is completely lost. This is one aspect;On the other hand, the United States appropriations are also hoped to improve our military production capacity. We know that the 19 billion US dollars in Taiwan's orders in the past have been accommodated for a long time.The purpose of the big one is to expand the production speed of its own weapons and equipment in the United States to ensure that they have enough inventory. With sufficient inventory, they can use the special power of the president to directly use part of the inventory for foreign support in the future.

[Vertical screen] No matter how the United States "armed Taiwan" cannot prevent China from reunification

  The Taiwan issue is purely China's internal affairs and cannot interfere with any foreign interference.What the United States is a serious harm to the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait. For the name of its fake "escort", the facts of domineering and the advantages of hegemony, the people of Taiwan have already seen it clearly.For more content, please sort out Fan Wei, Fan Wei.

  Today, "suspicion theory" has gradually become the mainstream consensus of Taiwanese society.Taiwan's "Zhongshi News Network" stated that the US President Biden signed and approved the US defense budget in FY2024. It can be seen that the United States intends to control Taiwan's political, military, and economic power, selling all kinds of weapons to Taiwan, deployment to Taiwan to TaiwanEssence"Obviously, the United States is turning Taiwan into a gunpowder bucket, and eventually the vast number of people in Taiwan is still suffering.

  Under the guise of the so -called "for the security of Taiwan," the United States searched for political and economic interests, and tried to put on a gorgeous coat for this evil.However, the U.S. Terrace is not a "guarantee" and "escort" at all, but in "harming the Taiwan" and "destroying the platform".The military linked of the United States and Taiwan will only turn Taiwan into a "gunpowder barrel" and "weapon library", pushing Taiwan to the dangerous situation of soldiers, and also brings a serious scourge to the people of Taiwan.

  Compared with the DPP's continuous spending money on the people's hard -earned money and buying American weapons in a large pen, the people on the island are miserable for various people's livelihood problems such as water shortage, power shortage, medicine, and egg deficiency.Under the DPP's ruling, the money used to improve people's livelihood has become a "investment name" collusion between Green Camp politicians and the United States.In order to selfish their own benefits, these unscrupulous politicians have also been buried in Taiwan's future regardless of the well -being of the island.