Sort out research on the practice of military governance in the United States and Russia, broaden the field of military governance and ideas
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  Military governance is 突发新闻an important part of national governance, which is related to the quality and efficiency of national defense and the modernization of the army.Stones from other hills, can learn.It has a long period of military governance practice in the United States and Russia. It has both regular practices in military governance planning and design, method path, and rule of law construction, but also show their own characteristics.By combing and researching the practice of military governance in the United States and Russia, it will help open up military governance horizons and ideas, and provide reference for comprehensively strengthening military governance.

  Emphasize planning and design

  Construct a planning system of upper and lower connections.The key to military governance planning is to follow the systemic design ideas and connect the upper and lower links.The U.S. military promulgated the Law on Reform of the Ministry of Defense in 1986. The Ministry of National Defense formulated the "National Defense Strategy" based on this.Guidance and constitute a planning system.After more than 30 years of exploration practice, the Russian Army has formed a governance system led by the president. It has designed a planning system including construction goals, paths and supporting measures, forming a unique governance link.

  Adhere to the planning and design of development.Planning and design are usually based on the long -term strategic interests of the country.The US military strategic planning cycle is generally more than 10 years, and aims to reduce the impact of personnel replacement.For example, after the U.S. military proposed the "2020 U.S. Army" plan in 2011, the leadership of the Army has designed "The Concept of the Army" and "The Concept of the Army" based on this plan."Waiting for transformation targets.Since the 21st century, the focus of the Russian army planning and design is to transform the mechanized army into an information -based army. While reducing the size of the army, while highlighting the construction of weapons and equipment informatization, it has introduced regulatory documents such as weapons and equipment development planning, outlines, concepts and other regulations to lead the Russian army to lead the Russian armyInformatization construction has developed steadily.

  Strive for the implementation of planning tasks.After the U.S. military planning tasks are issued, it is usually promoted in accordance with the "demonstration -pilot -evaluation -promotion" process.For example, the construction of the army digital troops, from the digital information transmission test of the tank, to the first digital machine step, it was put into the Iraqi battlefield for 8 years.Since then, it has gradually improved and optimized, and finally completed the modular troops with brigade as the basic combat unit and promoted it.In August 2021, the U.S. Army Training and Eling Command submitted relevant strategic planning documents, the main purpose is to reorganize the existing troops. In the future, it will be likely to return to troops centered on division -level units.

  The U.S. -Russian military governance planning and design reveals us. The planning and design integrate the various factors and development vision involved in military governance. It is the basic project to promote military governance.Ahead of planning, system design, and superposition development, forming a planning system that leads military governance and efficient operation.

  Use special methods

  Target traction.In 1973, the U.S. military proposed the concept of "overall power theory", conceiving to optimize the structure of active, reserve, and civilian personnel, and combine the overall armed forces.After many periods of the Russian governance, the goal of "building a new military and flexible equipment, flexible equipment, and flexible maneuverability can be established. The direction of military governance is gradually clear.

  Implement step by step.Under the traction of the established goals, the U.S. military implements a step -by -step promotion strategy for 5-10 years as a stage, and then launch the next stage of ideas after achieving results.For example, "Unified Concept of 2010", "Joint Concept of 2020", "The highest concept of joint action in 2030" and so on.The military governance of the Russian military is mainly based on the national national conditions and military conditions, forming its own staged governance ideas.

  Examine and evaluation.Examination and evaluation are an effective means of "medical examination" for military governance.At present, the United States has established five -level review and evaluation mechanisms of the Ministry of National Defense, the Federation of the Federation, the Congress, the National Defense Science Commission, and the research institutions of the military internal and external.In a new round of military transformation, the US military's self -examination and evaluation played an important role.In the process of military governance, the Russian army also established a review and evaluation mechanism to play the role of adjusting plans and rectification.

  Keep characteristics.Based on their own situation, the U.S. military has implemented a system of decentralized checks and balances of military decision -making, execution and supervision rights, combined with the development of the development, technological progress and planning cycle, and promoting the innovation of governance models on the basis of obtaining experience.The Russian army pursued the concept of "eclecticism" governance, and combined the inheritance of Soviet governance methods and drawing on the military governance model of the European and American countries to present the characteristics of "harvesting and conservation".

  The path of the US -Russian military governance method reveals us that the army of various countries has different force composition, development history, and cultural background. We should actively explore the military governance methods that are suitable for their national conditions and military conditions, and strive to build a modern military governance system and improve modern military governance capabilities.

  Focus on cracking problems

  Adhere to the balanced and coordinated development of military forces.The base point of balanced and coordinated development is to follow the national security strategy and control the "degree" of the proportion of military forces.The U.S. military's grasp of "degree" is to achieve dynamic balance during the rise and fall of various military forces.During the US -Soviet hegemony, the U.S. military had the idea of "heavy air, light sea, and land reduction", which led to imbalance in the development of military forces.After the Cold War ended, the U.S. military has enhanced the status of navy and air forces based on the needs of the world.The primary task of the Russian army is to ensure the security of the broad territory, follow the idea of "comprehensive mobile defense strategies", highlight the construction of maneuverability, and use measures such as "reduction of quality and increase" and adjusting the structure of the military and military.promote.

  Continue optimizing the military structure.The U.S. Army has adjusted the command to the "Theater Army Command -Division -Brigade" level 3 through measures and other measures to give the group military command and the function of the Army Command of the War Zone.By reducing the number of officers, the proportion of officers and soldiers was basically stable at 1: 4.7, and the proportion of civilian personnel reached 53.5%.After the Reform of the Russian Army, the command level below the military region is the "Joint Strategic Command -the Campaign Command -Division (Brigade)" level 3.Essence

  Tightly twist the focus of joint combat capabilities.After 1958 and 1986, the Ministry of Defense Reform Law, rationalized the relationship between combat rights and construction rights, established the joint combat command system of the "President -Ministry of Defense -Combat Command -Mission Force", and the joint command has become formal formation.The key to joint combat capabilities.In the process of joint combat capabilities, the Russian army also encountered similar problems. After the 1992 "National Defense Law" and 3 military reform practice, it gave the military region joint combat command function and laid the foundation foundation for the formation of joint combat capabilities.

  The practice of the United States and Russia to crack the focus of military governance contradictions reveals that we should coordinate the development of military forces in accordance with the overall strategic goals of the national national overall strategic goals, reasonably optimize the structure of personnel, and twist the joint combat command system to continuously optimize the joint combat command system.

  Pay attention to the construction of the rule of law

  Establish a multi -layered legislative mechanism.The United States and Russia have established a multi -layer legislative mechanism around military governance.The United States has formed a legislative system from Congress to the Ministry of National Defense and the Federation of the Federation to the military level.Russia has established a legislative system for the Russian Federal Parliament, president and government, as well as the Minister of Defense, the General Commander of the Army, the military region and the commanders and commanders at all levels below.Although the two countries have the differences between the subjects and powers of legislative responsibilities, each level has made legal regulations on military governance from its own power perspective to ensure that military governance advances in an orderly manner in the track of rule of law.

  Crack governance problems according to law.The problem of troops construction and development is a problem that military governance must be solved.The U.S. military realized that joint training is an important direction for reform.Subsequently, a series of instruction manuals were issued to provide the rule of law for joint training.Based on issues exposed during the construction and development process, the Russian army provided a legal basis for military governance by promulgating new bills and amending and improving and improving jewelry.

  Strict law enforcement ensure results.One of the significant features of the US -Russian military governance is to extend the law to the military construction, management, training and operations, and make all staff consciously abide by the law.Most of the US military's military activities have corresponding regulations.From the Russian army from the Ministry of National Defense and the Duan -level troops, the judicial work department has established a judicial work department to safeguard the rights and interests of military personnel in accordance with the law.