The call does not stop, asking the United States to unilaterally favors Israel without changes
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  Recently, the United Nations Security Council passed the second resolution since the outbreak of Pakistania's this round of conflict, requiring "immediately, safely, and uninterruptedly providing large -scale humanitarian aid to the Palestinian civilians who are not hindered."Creation conditions ".

  After the resolution was approved, US President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Neitanahu.According to the White House statement, the two sides discussed the importance of Israel's military operations in Gasha and ensuring the importance of being released by the detained person.

  According to reports, Bayeng told reporters after the call that "there was no demanding ceasefire" in the conversation with Neitanahu and refused to disclose more details.

Screenshot of the Qatar Peninsula TV report

  Niu Spring, a professor at the National Arab National Institute of Arabia, Ningxia University, in an interview with the Global Information Broadcasting reporter of the Central Radio and Television General Taiwan that the United States and the relevant statements of the United Nations Security Council and the relevant statements of Biden showed that the United States did not intendLifn the position of Israel.

  On the one hand, the United States supports Israel to continue to eliminate Hamas, and oppose a comprehensive and long -lasting ceasefire; on the other hand, the United States emphasizes the protection of civilians.Between these two goals, the United States always puts its first goal first. As long as this attitude does not change, it is impossible to reduce civilian casualties and alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

  The most urgent need to solve humanitarian problems now is to stop the fire immediately.After the UN Security Council's resolution was passed, many heads of the United Nations Rescue Agency stated that as long as they did not stop the fire immediately, the humanitarian crisis would definitely become more and more serious.

  According to data released by the Gaza Strip Health Department on the 24th, since the outbreak of Pakistani conflict in Japan in October 7, the military operations of the Israeli Army in the Gaza Strip have killed 20,424 Palestinians and injured more than 54,000 people.

  On the 24th local time, Neitaniahu reiterated that the battle of the Gaza Strip will be a "long -term war", and Israel will continue to promote its military operations until all goals are achieved.

Screenshot of American Cable Television News Network Reporting

  Niu New Year analysis pointed out that although Israel is currently facing the dual pressure of the international community and domestic public opinion, it will not stop military operations.

  Now the Neitanahu government is facing internal and external contradictions: the voices of foreign countries are getting stronger and stronger; most people in the country require the rescue to put the detainees to the first place.However, the double pressure was not enough to stop Israel's stop of fire immediately, because the Nitaniahu administration was composed of conservative political parties, especially the two very right political parties had a great containment of him.

  In the future, Israel may change the combat method or allow more humanitarian materials to enter Gasha.But it has not reached the level of stopping the war immediately.

  Material Source 丨 Global Information Broadcast "Live World"

  The reporter of the head station 丨 Zhanghan Chen Meng

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