The United States and Venezuela exchanged prisoners, and Biden added a re -election chip
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  The relationship between the United States and Venezuela has eased, and the two sides have completed an agreement to swap prisoners on the basis of strengthening cooperation.The special identity of the prisoners also attracted attention.

  On December 21, local time, Venezuela's opposition presidential candidate Maria Corina Mathar said that 24 citizens have been released.In those two days ago, the Bayeng government officially released the close friend of the party President Madro Alex Saab(Alex Saab)EssenceAs an exchange, Venezuela promised to release 10 Americans who had been arrested before and at least 20 Venezuela citizens who were related to the opposition.

  Saab is a special envoy of Venezuela government and is responsible for execution of official duties in Iran and was prosecuted by the US Department of Justice for money laundering in 2019.In 2020, Saab was arrested when he passed the African Buddha and was extradited to the United States the following year.Because the corner of the Buddha did not issue a red wanted or arrest order when arresting the Saab, the United Nations Human Rights Organization believed that Saab's arrest process was illegal and urged the US government to release Saab.

  At that time, the US President Trump listed the priority of the extradition Saab, and even spent millions of dollars wanted.In 2019, the Trump administration plans to support the Venezuela opposition leader, Hu An Guadoyi.After experiencing controversial voting, Guadoy directly announced that he was an interim president. As a legal government leader, Maduro immediately announced his break of diplomatic relations with the United States, and the relationship between the two countries fell to freezing.It is rumored that Saab has mastered many secrets of Maduro, and the Trump administration arrested him to help the opposition to compete with the Maduro government.

  Russia's public development sound supports Maduro, and to a certain extent, Trump, who wants to deal with Putin to a certain extent, must strongly intervene in the commission's plan.Former US Secretary of Defense Mark ·EsperIn 2022, a memoir named "The Holy Oath" was published, revealing the plan of the Trump government's conspiracy to invade Venezuela or even assassinated Maduro.

  All of this dispute is closely related to Venezuela's oil resources.According to "BP World Energy Statistics 2022", Venezuela has the world's largest oil reserves, and has been proven to have 304 billion barrels of oil reserves, far exceeding Sauda Arabia's 298 billion barrels.However, due to US sanctions, Venezuela's oil industry has declined significantly.In 2000, Venezuela's oil output was 3.4 million barrels per day. Later, due to the decline in oil prices, US sanctions were superimposed, and Venezuela's oil production decreased year by year.In January 2019, the United States began to comprehensively sanction in Venezuela oil, resulting in the daily output of petroleum oil from 2021 to 636,000 barrels of freezing.

  For the current Biden government, the release of Saab is a further compromise to the Venezuelan government.In October this year, the Venezuela government reached a settlement with the opposition supported by the United States. The two sides signed a political agreement to monitor the elections of Venezuela in the second half of 2024 in the second half of the 2024.The United States regards this reconciliation as a major progress in Venezuela's democratic politics, so it agrees to temporarily suspend the sanctions against Venezuela oil, natural gas and other products.

  In fact, the reason for the concession of the Biden government is also closely related to the upcoming US election.This year, the Fed has raised interest rates many times to respond to inflation, leading to rising living costs, rising international energy prices, and other factors such as rising international energy prices.Because inflation and energy prices are the most concerned on voters, the Biden government is determined to take measures to reduce energy prices, thereby winning the support of voters.Biden first suspended the export of energy exports of Venezuela, and then actively had a relationship with the Venezuela government, all proved to voters that he had worked hard to curb energy prices.

  Another consideration of American voters is whether the Bayeng government can control illegal immigrants on the southern US -Mexico border.The development of the oil industry as the pillar of Venezuela's important economy, coupled with the power management of the Maluro government, has led to its domestic economic downturn.According to the latest data of the United Nations Refugee Agency, in the nine months of 2023, more than 400,000 (63%of which are Venezuela) through Panama searched for asylum to North America. Most of these people chose to continue through Mexico into the United States.Biden wants to show voters that he is reducing the number of illegal immigrants by increasing the development level of illegal immigrants.

  In addition, six of the 10 American prisoners released by Venezuela were "caught by mistake" because Venezuela did not have sufficient legal evidence.The Biden government made these compatriots go home without a shot before Christmas, which will undoubtedly deepen the favorability of American voters.Earlier this week, Trump, a Republican candidate for the 2024 election in the United States 2024The Colorado court ruled that he did not qualify for presidential position, and the possibility of re -election in Biden was further improved.